flowers & kitties

i feel a bit as if spring is on fast forwards. it took forever to get here, but give it 2 weeks and it’ll be june and we’ll be calling it summer. despite being ultra busy, my life has had an adundance of both kitties and flowers recently. im house-sitting the lovely isha while j&j are in scandinavia, those lucky buggers (great coverage here) She’s alternately driving me crazy meowling her head off at annoying times like 6 am and melting my heart by being a big ol’ cuddly purr machine, and the purr machine always wins out. clearly from the photo above, she’s the boss of me in a big way. girl cats are wierd.

also, if you haven’t been to high park to see the sakura blossoms yet, go now! a few more days, or a particularly windy afternoon, and they’ll be gone. i went, and it was magical.

spring in canada… much like fall, some of the best 2 weeks of the year.



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