disclaimer: unusually girly post to follow

I used to be a real clothes horse, and in fact when I moved to Toronto, It was buried in back of a car with at least 12 garbage bags stuffed with clothes piled on top of me, plus boxes and boxes of shoes and accessories. In recent years shopping has become less fun for a variety of reasons, and sadly become an experience I dread rather than look forward to. But should I ever get back to a place where I’m happy to snap up some new duds, I think I’ll just shop the entire Colenimo collection, which I discovered here through Honey Kennedy blog. This is totally my (ideal) style – playful and sweet, a bit academic and definitely nostalgic, great pallets and attention to detail… and loads of my favorite elements; peter pan collars, grampa cardigans, nautical stripes, knee highs and mary janes! I still have like 10 years where I can rock this, right? Even if I’ve basically loved the same things since I was 13.

Drooool… I want.

some favorites:

on the subject of style, I’ve been enjoying a guilty pleasure lately, lurking my friend Jessica’s blog, ‘Westmount Fashionista’. The name of the blog itself would normally have me running for the hills, and I’m not that much of a fashion blog kinda gal (despite having gone to university to study fashion, but that’s a whole other story) it’s actually a really fun read. The lady KNOWS HER STUFF and she’s pretty easy on the eyes… and I find myself checking in every other day to see what she’s up to. Jessica recently relocated from Philly to Montreal to be with her long-distance love Costa (a couple I will take credit for initially setting up way back in ’98, when Jess and I went to band camp in Sweden, Maine together and Costa was a high school friend of mine… even if they did take a wee bit longer to get off the ground.) Anyway, she showed up in Montreal with a truckload of wearables, and her man’s given her 365 days to wear it all, or let it go. And you know what? I believe she can do it, and she’s set out to prove it publicly.


One thought on “steez

  1. Thanks so much doll for your super kind words and your quality teenage matchmaking skills. Love the entire Colenimo lookbook, thanks for the heads up on such a gorgeous and simplistically chic line.

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