rock and/or roll

Um, is it just me, or does Toronto EXPLODE with musical goodies the second it stops being an icebox around here? Haven’t done anything like this in a while, but there’s so much to look forward to in the next little bit, it wouldn’t be right not to share. So, on that note, here are some of my picks for Toronto Musical To Dos This Week

Fri May 13
Miracle Fortress In-Store at Soundscapes 4pm

Ruby Coast/Graham Wright/Loom @ The Garrison 9pm

100 Dollars CD Release @ The Great Hall

Sat May 14
Sloan In-Store @ Sonic Boom 4pm

Allie Hugh Prom Queen Dream @ The El Mocambo

Sun May 15
Hidden Words @ A House On Bathurst

Mon May 16
Hut @ The Silver Dollar

Tues May 17
Guitar Wolf @ Lee’s Palace

Wednesday May 18
The Ex & Brass Unbound @ Lee’s Palace

Death Cab For Cutie @ The Phoenix

Thurs May 19
Austra CD release @ Lee’s Palace

****SoCalled CD release @ Lula Lounge

Fri May 20
What’s up Friday? What’s going on?

And oh hell why not…

Saturday May 21
I have an awesome (and early) show! Hope to see you there…

The Donkeys & The Elwins


I love really good lo-fi, but it’s dangerous because it seems easy and doable by everyone. But unless there’s some kick-ass songwriting, wit and/or truth behind the lack of production, arrangements, schmancy musicianship and frills, you are not going to sit down and write an overnight album as good as The Unicorns, Tune-Yards, Magnetic Fields, etc simply because you have a ukulele and can play 4 chords (i am as guilty of this delusion as anyone).

I guess I’m having a lo-fi kinda day.


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