As of Late… (a very foodcentric week)

20120612-204858.jpg 20120612-204930.jpg 20120612-204951.jpg20120612-205156.jpg a special lady day with Kathy – body blitz and a diner dinner… wonderful.

20120612-205238.jpg John and Juli took Frank and I out for a Mjolk field trip – dinner at Terroni. What a treat!

20120612-205306.jpg poaching pears

20120612-205321.jpg snuggling kitties

20120612-205500.jpg cookin’ up some carrots

20120612-205726.jpg celebratory dinner with a bregnant Brad and Meg and Via Marcanti

20120612-205748.jpg cold brewin’ at home

20120612-205939.jpg20120612-210307.jpg a Saturday excursion to Burger Priest with the wife

20120612-210324.jpg First dinner from the storage containers at Bathurst and Dundas

20120612-210412.jpg The Elwins take the Phoenix

20120612-210428.jpg The best ice cream of the summer – a late night drive-by at the Black Hoof for one of Brandon’s Sam James Coffee Bar ice cream bars… absolute heaven.


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