As of Late…

i’ve been enjoying my ice cream maker

20120612-201727.jpg trying to eat in more

20120612-201750.jpg a wee mjolk customer

20120612-201703.jpg waiting for the kids to arrive for choir practice

20120612-201840.jpg was under the weather for quite a while

20120612-202324.jpg the weather has been crazy – lots of rainy days

20120612-202355.jpg …and wind

20120612-202553.jpg skype-ing with the brother-in-law

20120612-203305.jpg and a fabulous wedding…

20120612-203407.jpg kensington hangs

20120612-202423.jpg nights in with friends

20120612-204420.jpgwaffles with Kylie, Kathy, Sean and Cindy

20120612-203342.jpg and hangs with my boys

20120612-203652.jpg20120612-203710.jpg visits to Navi’s beautiful backyard

20120612-202255.jpg and for a fleeting moment, a clean house

20120612-201957.jpg just trying to survive the end of the school year


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