As of Late

20120527-181855.jpg a new ramen place opened, kinton ramen, by the good folks who brought toronto ‘guu’ and ‘guu 2: electric booglaoo’. It is lovely – highly recommended.

20120527-181925.jpg ice cream every night

20120527-181950.jpg im going to figure out how to make the backyard a nicer place to spend time this summer

20120527-182027.jpg the locomotive is my go-to in the junction. if you haven’t been, go.

20120527-182051.jpg kathy threw a fabulous bbq, and i have a new sangrilla recipe as a result. champagne + frozen pinneapple + mango + raspberry oj cubes + peach nectar + malibu rum. None of that sugarey sweetness that comes from soda – just natural fruit yumminess and BOOZE.




20120527-182242.jpg Toronto is in full bloom.

20120527-182257.jpg lovely weekend with buds – brunch with D&M, lunch with the wife, and happy run-ins at SJCB. A new brunch joint to add to the list, and it’s right down the street!

20120527-182304.jpg Kevin went to Kitsie’s wedding in Ohio, so I induldged with a Saturday night in – The Wedding Singer and a bubblebath.

20120527-182314.jpg Doors Open at TSP was a smash.


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