NYC Jaunt

Last weekend, a quick trip to NYC thanks to a Porter flight sale and an apartment loan by a generous friend. I’d never flown on a friday night before, and was pleased as punch to indulge it the classic free porter booze (they pour you a pint of wine) so I was feeling rather pleasant when we met our handsome buds Mark & Daniel at PDT for a hot dog and some of the yummiest cocktails I’ve ever barely been able to afford. But whocaressowhat?! I had a bourbon that tasted of smoke and bacon and contained the most beautiful giant ice cube I’ve ever seen, with some of my favourite men and chased it with a late night roast beef sandwich. What’s up, new york, i love you.


Seth, my ultra-generous supa-lovely new-york-boy-version-of-me bud was away seeing his ultra-lovely otherLauren in London, so we got to crash at his amazing SOHO apartment, Rage Mountain, with the killer rooftop view and the giant white loftyness (and the 5 story walk-up to help work off the weekend indulgences). Thanks Seth, you’re the man.


Saturday was over to Brooklyn for brunch at Egg (Eggs Rothko with a side of roast tomatoes and shaved ham/candied bacon WHAT?!), coffee at Blue Bottle, a very restrained lemonade at the Smorgasburg/Brooklyn Record Fair, Brooklyn Flea (where I was very good, thankyouverymuch). Dinner at Seth’s recommendation, Vinegar Hill House, and further cocktails with Frank and Melody at the Dressy Bessy show. No rest for the weekend warriors.


Dinner was unreal – I wanted to weep each time a dish ended. My duck breast with rhubarb, kohlrabi, peanuts, oats, and cracklings was just amazing. Kevin had the lamb on smashed purple potatoes with feta, and we split a sweet-bread ravioli with porcini and chickpeas. Seriously, I will from this day forth take everything Seth says as truth. When we finished up with a coconut sesame cake with goat cheese sorbet and pickled rhubarb (and a big glass of Kronan swedish punch) it was all I could do not to fall apart. Kevin had the cheese plate – no shock there. Dude is cheese crazy.


Sunday was all shopping at the usual haunts (Muji, Uniqlo) and we definitely broke the bank, but the deals were amazing and we never shop so whatever. A trip to the baths with Gord (I guess all of Toronto were in the city if they weren’t at the cottage) and a 3 hour dinner at Bohemian with Mark, Daniel and our new friend Kelly and we were done.


Flight home was beyond brutal – after 2 days of PERFECT weather, a storm made for a rocky trip back, and we were nearly hit by lightning on the flight which was as scary as it sounds. A few days later, I’ve slept it off and can just think back fondly on the weekend. I hope everyone had a similarly wonderful Victoria Day.



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