Late Twennies

So, I’m older. Officially in my LATE twenties, if that means anything. Getting older is all skewy for me, because K is always going to be significantly older than me, and make me feel young by contrast. Yet, these youthful musicians I like to work with so much… ya, the gap grows ever larger. I feel like I don’t have many friends my own age, and my perception of where I should be at this point (arbitrary as that is, I know) is pretty much lost on me. My facebook fills up with pictures of sonograms and wedding photos and I don’t know what to think. Is my life all that different than it was when I moved to Toronto? Aside from some better jewelery, not so much. Or is it? Oh, the effects of a birthday are funny.


I had planned for a big pancake breakfast in the park, but it was grey and cold and threatening rain, so I moved it inside. Which is fine, I would have been such a schlep, as my mom would say. So we did pancakes indoors. It was nice and laid back. I was pleased. Only daytime bday parties for this old gal.








It’s funny – there are few new additions to my friend circle this year, as well as my ol’ standbys, which I’m tickled about. I have new buds! I am better friends with old buds! My best buds are still there! These are things to be grateful for.




My birthday coincided with record store day (neat) which because of the day-party thing meant I missed some great bands I love (Plants and Animals, Born Ruffians, Army Girls) but not the one who counted most (take a wild guess). Kev and I also did some shopping at our favorite record store.


His haul.


My haul.

20120423-175058.jpg and I got a mix tape – joy!!! There’s nothing I like more than a good mix tape – particularly one with strong transitions. This one’s got good transitions up the yang! Whatever that means; it’s a solid mix. If I get permission from the maker, maybe I’ll share the wealth.



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