The Road to SXSW: Austin (pt 2)

20120326-204047.jpg Friday the guys had some meetings set up, so I ventured out on my own, out of the chaos (into further chaos – does the chaos never end) and south of the river to do somwe exploring and find a bolo tie for K.

20120326-204119.jpg neat graffitti by the water…

20120326-204147.jpg deep fried pickles (so healthy)

20120326-204213.jpg then back downtown to grab a frank at Frank’s with my favorite Frank (it was kind of gross – but maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for jackalope on a bun)

20120326-204237.jpg That night we hung out at the Arts and Crafts showcase with the other Canucks and I took in a set of Parlovr, Zeus, and of course the very sexy boys from The Darcys. It was a pretty great night – A/C know how to throw a party.

20120326-204307.jpg Saturday: A morning of mixtape making by the playlist prince.

20120326-204333.jpg followed by starbucks snuggles while we dodge some already ‘festive’ St Patrick’s Day revelers

20120326-204401.jpg a stopover at Planet Quebec headquarters for hangs with the Parlovr dudes

20120326-204427.jpg aaaaand we’re back at Canada house for poutine and more homegrown talent

20120326-204445.jpg I’ve got to say, Bahamas makes a damn fine cowboy. Damn fine.

20120326-204505.jpg and he has some pretty excellent taste in backup singers. Felicity and Carly (not pictured here) really took everything to the next level. Plus, how babely? The most.

20120326-204538.jpg an afternoon set by Great Lake Swimmers? Win!

20120326-204558.jpg By late afternoon we headed over to the first of the 3 shows The Elwins would be playing that day, a van at the corner of 5th and Brazos. Aren’t they such little foxes? *love*

20120326-204625.jpg The guys had the whole corner hopping in no time – street corner shows are where its at.


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