Road to SXSW: FL > AL > LA > MS > TX

20120321-172043.jpg after leaving our gracious tampa hosts, we took off for the long drive to texas, which became even longer due to some seriously inclement weather.

20120321-172107.jpg this was probably the most unhealthy week of my life, but it was pretty easy on the pocketbook.

20120321-172130.jpg i’m so grateful to the guys for springing for a motel in lafayette. we arrived pretty late at night, after chris had been dealing with hours of lightning storms and hydroplaning. he’s a serious champ.

20120321-172155.jpg in the morning we were given the heads up that the highway had been closed due to flooding, and our scenic route would tack on several hours to the drive. but considering how many vans break down, gear gets stolen, snow storms and hurricanes appear out of the blue on tours all the time, a little rain and a drive through the texas countryside was hardly that big of an imposition.

20120321-172225.jpg matt being a goof

20120321-172242.jpg lots of van naps

20120321-172313.jpg it was so exciting to arrive in texas! even in dallas, you could feel some serious sxsw vibes.

20120321-172338.jpg dallas is covered in giant murals of famous musical texans. who knew my hero Lisa Loeb was one of them?

20120321-172404.jpg the venue staff in dallas were awesome, and i took the bartender’s shirt as a good omen. kind of a miracle, all the shows had been really well attended the entire tour, with kids at every stop knowing the elwins songs already, which i founded surprising considering a. it was their first US tour b. their album had only just come out 2 weeks before c. it was entirely self-released with no distribution. when kids who had driven down from austin were disappointed the guys didn’t play propinquity, i was really blown away. of course, being the sweethearts that they are, feurd and matt gave them an acoustic performance outside just for them.

20120321-172450.jpg we had already had one waffle house experience, which wasn’t the best, but Ben from Jukebox advised us to give it a second try and get the All-Star. You can’t argue with an all-star breakfast – he was right.

20120321-172518.jpg more van naps, but always keeping safety in mind.

20120321-172556.jpg load in at the House of Blues in Houston, home of Beyonce (Houston, not House of Blues). I think this snap will be used in the Elwins retrospective book in the early years chapter, don’t you? HoB is a tight running operation, and it was fun to have such swank treatment.

20120321-172623.jpg The guys played the Bronze Peacock room because the next door big room was already booked…

20120321-172704.jpg !!!


20120321-172805.jpg Nathan and Jet came out, and it was so great to see our friends. Jet’s family live in Houston, and their generosity was just over the top.

20120321-172822.jpg soundcheck





20120321-173008.jpg Matt and Ben sometimes get mistaken for one another. Twinsies!

20120321-173047.jpg The morning after Houston, Jet’s family got us off on the right foot for SXSW with a fantastic barbeque

20120321-173113.jpg and a little live music courtesy of Jet’s little brother

20120321-173141.jpg a goodnight’s sleep, a little backyard trampoline sesh, a little laundry, and we were feeling good for the next chapter of the trip!


20120321-173238.jpg a new Elwins fan is made!

20120321-173323.jpg on our way out, we found this lost puppy and it took everything in our power not to bring him along to Austin. Obviously, I am in love here.



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