The Road to SXSW: SC > GA > FL > FL

20120320-194547.jpg Savannah is so beautiful, with heavy sweet warm air and flowering trees. I took a walk down by the water by myself.

20120320-194658.jpg The guys were playing the Savannah stop over festival, in the garden of the Museum of Ships of The Sea. Pretty stunning. We ran into some friends, Hooded Fang and Grimes, and shared the best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve ever had.


20120320-194757.jpg The festival set us up with a wonderful hostess, Guinn, who’s kitty looks pretty chill here, but was actually a deranged demon posing as an orange tabby.

20120320-194829.jpg Guinn’s place was pretty great… I’d consider living in Savannah!

20120320-194939.jpg A brief stop at ‘the office’ to get some work done.

20120320-195006.jpg The Orlando show had billed the guys as Keswick, The Elwins. Score one for small town Ontario, I guess.

20120320-195258.jpg The Social was such a great club, and we made sure to hit up their photobooth. Making memories.

20120320-195033.jpg After one of the best vibing indie shows I’ve seen in a while, we emerged from the venue to find some serious club district action surrounding us. Here, Chris tries to get a better look at the chaos.

20120320-195121.jpg Our first night at the Days inn. Super Class.

20120320-195145.jpg I had really wanted to go to ihop, so the guys indulged me. To my surprise, it was awesome. Our host, Austin (a good omen?) was sticky with southern hospitality.

20120320-195222.jpg I had the promotional Lorax Breakfast featuring green eggs and ham.

20120320-195330.jpg We arrived at Sonya’s house, our Tampa hostess and friend of a friend of Guinn’s, and spent some time unwinding and getting to know her ferret Brownie and dog Bambi.

20120320-195434.jpg Chris and Bambi were totally in love.

20120320-195623.jpg Then, a little down time. We head to St. Petersburg to meet up with the guys from Jukebox the Ghost and Speak for some beach action.

20120320-195645.jpgAs days go, it was a stunner.
20120320-195720.jpg A little tunage.

20120320-195737.jpg Speak repping their swag from Savannah.

20120320-195814.jpgA beautiful day in Tampa before heading to Ybor city for the show.


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