The Road to SXSW: NY > PA > WV > VA > NC > SC

So, of course, my camera died immediately as I entered the good ‘ol USA. So 2 weeks of relying on my camera phone… it happens.

20120320-101741.jpg The orange cat in New York where we met up.

20120320-101807.jpg tour mascot, Hannah (by the end of the trip, she’d lost her skirt – what a saucy minx!)

20120320-101841.jpg after a long day of driving, feurd checks us in to our first camping night at a Virginia KOA. Shoulda called it Brrrginia – it was so damn cold, I slept in all my clothing and my coat and scarf and still had numb toes and nose.

20120320-102027.jpgNot a happy camper, as it were.

20120320-101918.jpg Woke up before the guys, and explored the beautiful campground and tried to shake off the frost bite.

20120320-101944.jpg You could almost forget that there had been snow on the ground the night before.

20120320-102049.jpg The first McDonalds stop, of countless. You really can’t argue with dollar meals and free wifi, I’m afraid.

20120320-102117.jpg First show of the tour was in the tiny ‘town’ of Awendaw, SC near Charleston. It was pretty awesome. The weather felt like fall, and soooo many people came out for this outdoor show that they do every wednesday, I couldn’t believe it.

20120320-102148.jpg I did merch, but still enjoyed the perks of being with the band.

20120320-102209.jpg Perks like free beers, burgers, s’mores and oysters caught earlier that day!

20120320-102232.jpg This is Ben, from Jukebox the Ghost. He’s a super talented and sweet guy.

20120320-102301.jpg We crashed on the floor at the neighbouring recording studio, where they had mattresses for all 12 of us (I guess they fell off the back of a truck?) and they’d spray painted their poor dog pink, Wheezey. There was a tank full of chicks, and it felt very… not Toronto.

20120320-102329.jpg Sweet car, though. And they were nice to put us up.



20120320-102440.jpgWhen everyone woke up, we went for breakfast with the Jukebox guys. Crab cakes!



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