Mother Flippin’ TEXAS, baby!

So, this happened. This is happening.

I’m going to scratch one more item off the ‘ol (very slow moving) turning 30 bucket list. And I’m going to do it with some of my favourite guys in the world.

For the next 2 weeks, my life is going to look like this: only with NO SNOW, and lots of tacos.

And that’s alright with me. And by alright, I mean EEEEEEEEEEEEE TEXAS!

My friend Jasmine’s photos of her own recent Austin escapade are so lush and gorgeous they have me almost peeing with excitement. You know, in a beautiful kind of way. Please check them out here and here, and then look at the rest of her work, because it will make your day so much better.

If anyone has any tips on the following locations, now is a good time to speak up. I will pay you back in tacky keychains and magnets souveniers.

Awendaw, SC
Savannah, GA
Orlando, FL
Tampa, FL
New Orleans!!!!
Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio TEXAS

I have a lot of packing to do before Tuesday. This may be the first time I’ve ever gone shopping for a sleeping bag. I wonder if Marimekko make any…


2 thoughts on “Mother Flippin’ TEXAS, baby!

  1. Aw, thanks, Lauren. I am so excited for your trip, which is funny since I’ve just come back. You are going to have an epic time. I spent a few days in Savannah during my rail tour of the states, and it is seriously magical as well. SCAD makes it a super awesome art city. You will love. And the trees! the honeysuckle! Have someone teach you to suck it out. Amaze. The parks, too, god. And the cemeteries. All magic.

    AND new orleans, come to think of it. Lemme dig those up from my old blog.
    whoa, turns out I have many links:

    NOLA 1:!/2008/05/fierce-soul-in-big-easy.html
    NOLA 2:!/2008/05/wonky-anglification.html

    SAVANNAH 1:!/2008/05/deep-lush-of-savannah.html
    SAVANNAH 2:!/2008/05/keeping-company-with-cynical-irishman.html

    • AH! You’re the best!! I don’t mean to be a big copycat (I’m sure we’ll go through this again with our respective Scandi trips) but damn if I don’t appreciate your advice.
      How small is the world? The smallest, I’m pretty sure. Thanks again xo

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