Family Day Weekend!

It’s so weird, being around for the beginning of the creation of a holiday. When Ontario introduced ‘Family Day’ a few years ago, everyone was incredulous but hey… a day off’s a day off.

20120220-173829.jpg We were pretty zonked, so the weekend got off to a lazy start: Kevin fell asleep at 9…

20120220-173845.jpg..while I watched one of my favorite movies…

20120220-173910.jpg and snuggled with the kitties.

20120220-173945.jpg Saturday was spent attacking the To Do list, and I’d say we got through a good 70% before we gave up, and my dear friend Hannah who I hadn’t seen in about 30 years stopped by for a visit. Maya Rudolph on SNL? Hilarious.

20120220-174005.jpg But look, clean room!

20120220-174023.jpg We celebrated with the traditional family day weekend breakfast of blueberry pancakes!

20120220-174058.jpg The weather was amazeballs, so I finally broke down and agreed to go skating. Even though I can barely stand on skates. Or tie them. Luckily, K is endlessly patient (barf, I know, but it’s true, what can I say)

20120220-174112.jpg I’m sure watching me struggle not to wipe out completely was worthwhile. I blurred the photo because my face was all ohmygodimgonnadie and that’s not a super hot look. But.. look at the clouds! So puffy!

20120220-174157.jpg Sunday evening saw dinner with SpitzerBarclay and the little dude, who we haven’t seen he was yayhigh and holy crow! he’s getting so big! and cute! those cheeks! not enough exclamation points for this kid, I tell you.

20120220-174217.jpg And look, with the branding. Love.

20120220-174233.jpg You can tell it’s Family Day weekend when the board games come out. And I don’t leave immediately. And believe me, that’s saying something. Especially since my economic skills seem to translate over to this monopoly precursor. In that, I have none.

20120220-174302.jpg Surprises! A breakfast visit from Simon, who I haven’t seen in years. Of course, very little has changed.

20120220-174316.jpg We’re still crazy about each other.

20120220-174333.jpg Monday afternoon meant a trip to the island. I still can’t over that I live so close to this paradise.













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