the week ahead

Next week, we have a special exhibition opening at the shop I’m really excited about.

John and Juli are bringing in Japanese ceramicist Masanobu Ando from Osaka for his first North American exhibition. We’ve hired a translator and everything, and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about the work – a collection of his crockery inspired by its relationship to everyday life in the North. The opening reception will feature glögg (Swedish mulled wine) and charcuterie from Easton’s and should be a wonderful time.

I’ve had my eye on more than a few pieces, but I’ll be happy if I can take home just one. My brother-in-law Andrew will be in town from Ottawa, and he and Kevin and our favourite Sasaki aunt will all be coming, so it’ll be a real family affair. And I’m going to trot out my new dress and the boots I bought last weekend and see how long I can stand in heels. Fancy! Exciting!

The opening reception is Thursday, February 23rd from 7pm – 10pm and will be up in the shop the week following. Mjolk is 2959 Dundas St W, in the Junction neighbourhood. Come out and say hello!


It’s coming up on Friday afternoon, and I’m staring down the barrel of a long weekend WITH NO PLANS. No brunches, dinners, field trips. No shows. No jaunts out-of-town. No major projects needing tending to (ha, sort of). Just three. days. for. me.

I am jazzed.

But, as a mega planner, the idea of wasting 3 days off leaves me anxious, so just for funsies, I’m going to give myself a Door Sixteen style to do list. If I don’t hit all the marks, s’ok, but at least I’ll have some sense of things to keep me from just sitting on the couch and watching movies. Maybe I’ll try to get ‘er all done Saturday, so I can have 2 days of downtime.

Ya, right.

* Clean up front room
* Clean up desk
* Cleanup bathroom
* Clean up bedroom
* Clean up kitchen
* Organize under the sink
* Organize Baking area
* Organize cleaning tools
* Clean up and organize fridge
* Clean up and organize freezer
* Do/Put away laundry
* Roast up the veg in the fridge
* Dust
* Vacuum
* Mop
* Work on J&J’s present
* Go to the gym
* Make playlist for next week’s Masanobu Ando exhibition
* St. Lawrence market
* Send in photos for photobook
* Spend some time in nature
* Update calendar
* Make reservations for Andrew’s visit / Plan Andrew’s visit


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