With Hearts On Fire


This weekend my best lady Kathy set up shop for her very first pop-up at Heart On Fire run by The Cat and Fox Vintage Collective, and I went along for the ride.

20120212-221214.jpg Of course, because it has been an average of 6 degrees and sunny this entire winter, it suddenly snowed and was freezing. You know, to help with the foot traffic, driving conditions and general ease of lugging stuff around. Thanks, awesome weather!

20120212-221553.jpg We found ourselves in the east end, where the ladies at Cat and Fox had completely transformed a chiropractic studio into an awesome boutique. The place was rammed with well-curated racks of clothes, shoes, accessories, terrariums and Kathy’s housewares among the anatomical posters and various wellness bric-a-brac. It was quite amazing to see the transformation.

20120212-221311.jpg Kathy’s prize piece was this amazing mid-century chair she had completely redone – new webbing, striped and refinished, brand new cushions she’d upholstered in beautiful fabric. Needless to say, it shot to the top of my wish list. Damn her and her ‘but where would you put it?’ logic.

20120212-221115.jpg My set of blue and green Catherineholm lotus cookware from Norway for sale.

20120212-221138.jpg A button cute Howard Holt kitty wall planter sold to a very handsome man, which tickled me to no end.

20120212-221158.jpg My favourite piece, a little hand-painted footed Fajance dish by Royal Copenhagen. It’s so pretty and painterly, and I loooove the colours. Want want want want want.

20120212-221324.jpg A wonderful mid-century growth chart from West Germany sold to the cutest little girl and mom I’d ever seen.

20120212-221339.jpg sweet little owl vase, still avail here.

20120212-221724.jpg The beautiful Lillian of Lilly’s Closet, who tried on a different outfit every 5 minutes and who I never recognized each time. My favourite ensemble was this White Russian number she put together – isn’t she lovely?

20120212-221755.jpg Marilyn, who had the MOST amazing pieces – tons of designer pieces from the 20s and 30s. I ended up with a few pieces from her, including a bias cut silk slip I’d be looking around for forever.

20120212-221357.jpg My white German Kaiser vases for sale – aren’t they pretty?

20120212-221415.jpg Kathy’s amazing Rooster wall hanging… wouldn’t this look great in a kitchen? Or for some reason I imagine it over a little boys bed too.

20120212-221441.jpg Uh oh… witness the beginning of my falling in love with this Italian sheepskin hat. So warm and cute and over the top ridiculous.

20120212-221455.jpg Kathy’s awesome Dear Deer rug. Love the colours.

20120212-221515.jpg chair chair chair chair love love love love.

20120212-221535.jpg Cute teak kitty business card holder.

20120212-221613.jpg One of Alan’s AMAZING terrarium’s. Look at the tiny climbers!

20120212-221626.jpg Another favourite, Kathy’s 1920’s Chimayo Blanket/Carpet/Throw… look at these colours! So beautiful.

20120212-221642.jpg Polka Dot Art Glass Light… so pretty.

20120212-221656.jpg Marilyn’s amazing 1918 porcelain shoulder brushes.

20120212-221709.jpg I totally fell for these blue suede boots, and Kathy ‘surprised’ me with them, which means she insisted on buying them for me as a thank you even though I protested until she yelled at me and I said thank you and now I have the best boots ever. Thanks Kath, you’re crazy.

20120212-221821.jpg Oh ya, I totally bought the sheep hat too. Because it was cold. And because buying silly things is my bag. Booyah.


3 thoughts on “With Hearts On Fire

  1. Thanks for taking “glamour shots” of my wares all day, Lauren! And, in my opinion, buying a winter hat was the least “silly” purchase of the weekend. Because no one will ask the dreaded question “but where will you put it?” On your head of course! And it looks so adorable on you, I expect to see a lot of it this winter.

    Thanks for all your help with the shop; I couldn’t have done it without you!

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