As Of Late; Eats Edition

I am so enjoying having a (working) oven. We’re cooking all the time, and it’s great.

20120212-223204.jpg Apple Olive Oil Yogurt Cake with a Cinnamon Swirl. Melinda posted about this and it sounded so good I had to make it for myself.


20120212-223246.jpg I’m obsessed with this book – everything we’ve made from it so far has been amazing. I don’t traditionally like mac’n’cheese (hot cheese, not my fave) but this one with mushrooms and bacon was super yummy.

20120212-223307.jpg apples at mjolk

20120212-223322.jpg another Holleweg dish – Sea Bream with blood orange and fennel salad. This was SO GOOD, it is definitely going into heavy rotation. Such clean, sunny flavours. Bam!

20120212-223339.jpg late night pineapple snacks

20120212-223402.jpg Vams kombucha at the Hearts on Fire Vintage market. I don’t generally like kombucha, but this was nice… tasted like apricots.


20120212-223432.jpg Sooo… I may have purchased an entire case of You’s Time, the Yuzu flavoured sake I love. Because you can only buy it in Canada in bulk. So… does anyone want to buy a bottle of delicious sake? For reals. I can’t afford nor do I want to drink that much of anything alchoholic, even if it is my fave. Get in touch.

20120212-223449.jpg Sea Bream Night Two. This time we steamed it up, japanese-style, a la Harumi.

20120212-223501.jpg Served it up with peas-rice, brocoli with misa dressing, pickled daikon. It was wonderful… I don’t think I’ve ever had sea bream before, but its really meaty and nice.

20120212-223526.jpg Another Holleweg… Beetroot au Gratin.

20120212-223540.jpg Brussel Sprouts

20120212-223553.jpg Sunday Night Dinner – Roast Venison. Kevin slaved over a hot stove all day while Kathy and I were out… do I have the best guy, or what?

20120212-230515.jpg as a thank you, I made him up some late night espresso brownies. I love you, new oven!


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