As of late…


The last week and a half has seen countless cups of tea, bowls of soup, tissues and advils… I haven’t been this sick for this long in forever. Thankfully I’m finally starting to shake it off, thanks to my doting husband’s care. definitely looking forward to be back at full working order.





20120205-163035.jpg meal planning from my favourite book..

20120205-163139.jpg commute to work

20120205-163205.jpg Beautiful new Andrea Maack perfume at Mjolk – it was KILLING me not to be able to smell any of them.

20120205-163229.jpg such pretty colours in blood orange balsamic cream – this time we used it to make a quick marinade for some fish.

20120205-163254.jpg somehow the kitties always know when we need a little extra love…


20120205-163456.jpg aww geeze…

A surprise power-failure speared day off meant a walk through the mirvish village. i can’t get over how much it has changed since I moved to Toronto – there’s not much left there worth a visit to me (the few shops left there only seem to be open a handful of hours a week) but it’s still such a pretty area.






20120205-163540.jpg a coffee catch-up with my best lady

20120205-163555.jpg home

20120205-163518.jpg next door neighbour’s home which I covet to no end

20120205-163608.jpg sunday brunch with Mr. Receipts at l’Ouvrier on Dundas. We really wanted to check this place out since we’ve been hurting for great local brunch since the demise of our favourite haunt, the hoof cafe.

20120205-163630.jpg the food was lovely, but sadly we had to wait at least 10 minutes before anyone came by once we were seated by the hostess, and another thirty plus before the coffee we ordered arrived. I’m a real stickler for service, so it’s more likely that I’ll be replicating these dishes at home then going back.

20120205-163643.jpg HIS

20120205-163657.jpg HERS

20120205-163725.jpg I love the contrast of the floral china and hardware.

20120205-163734.jpg I can’t believe how hard it is to find Earl Grey tea! I must have been looking for this since October.

20120205-181909.jpg Tonight’s dinner was a delicious spicy butternut squash and chickpeas stew from my newest addition to the cookbook collection, Lucas Holleweg’s ‘Good Things To Eat’. It was bright and citrusey, and tasted good for me. All nice things.

Have a great week ahead!


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