As of late…

a few little snippets from my instagram, as january speeds by…

20120122-184816.jpg some new covetables at Mjolk

20120122-184838.jpg We got a little mention in the Toronto Life wedding issue

20120122-184916.jpg a Sunday on a chilly Toronto beach

20120122-184934.jpg Obi letting in some sun in my darkened bedroom while I hide out from a light-induced migraine

20120122-184950.jpg Edo being a suck

20120122-185007.jpg my new awesome bathing suit that makes me feel like a million bucks!

20120122-185028.jpg flowers at night

20120122-185046.jpg bubbles at Mjolk

20120122-185101.jpg Hoibo lust at Mjolk

20120122-185121.jpg The only ice I’m really seeing around these days

20120122-185201.jpg Edo’s nap spot

20120122-185141.jpg loved these teeny gold sequins

20120122-185225.jpg we did a kitchen tidy up, and the cookbooks are no longer by our bed!

20120122-185236.jpg more kitty naps, and look, no piles of junk on the dresser!

20120122-185318.jpg it was teacher appreciation day at the CN tower, so now I can finally say I’ve gone

20120122-185309.jpg I could see my house (kind of)

20120122-185330.jpg I would have been pretty bummed if we had had to pay though. All that fuss, and it was over in 5 minutes!

20120122-185342.jpg flat ironey goodness

January has been unlike any I’ve experienced before, offering neither the blank slate of a new year, nor the snowy anonymity of winter. Currently, it’s 8 degrees and rainy, which is so weird – It just doesn’t feel like January to me. Still, life marches on, and February is just around the bend. My goal is to be ready for it.


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