gettin’ seasonal in the nest






Now that we’re officially in December, K and I have been spending more time at home, tidying and reorganizing, preparing for holiday guests in, endless nights out, and the suddenly packed calender that comes with the territory this time of year.

My mom always says that the state of your surroundings reflects your mental state, and as such a  clean palette is great for tackling a full plate. It’s hard for me to make the choice to stay in and get ‘er done when there is so so much going on, it seems now more than ever, and for every evening we’ve stayed in to work on the chaos that our house inevitably falls into, I’ve had to fight the dreaded FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). But you can’t be everywhere, all the time, and I’ve found I’ve been able to really enjoy more quiet time in together.

This weekend we put our fireplace to use, hung out with the kitties, listened to music, made dinner, drank Baileys with giant ice cubes (my favorite things at the moment), and put up what passes for holiday decorations in our world.

For every overwhelming moment this month, I wish you an equally serene one. Ideally, with kitties.


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