all quiet on the western front

Well, it’s been over a month since i last checked in here. as my mom always said, i know there’s something wrong when i haven’t heard from you. nothing dramatic, no one has died or anything, but the last month has definitely thrown me some unexpected curve balls, and the course of my life has shifted a bit. Mostly because I was unexpectedly ‘phased out’ from half my employment upon my return from Iceland. I’m a big planner, and the fact that i can’t look ahead and say for certain where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing has me on edge, and a unexpected surplus of time and shortfall of funds has me feeling low. But I have faith that i can still turn things around in the next 5 weeks or so… I will be going into 2012 with a strong footing.

i will i will i will.

Some highlights from the last month, which wasn’t actually all that terrible. The weather was super nice, my mom came to visit, I got a new doctor, I made a nice brunch for some old friends, I saw my favorite little dudes The Elwins play their best set to date at Lee’s Palace, I gave a lesson on making nabe for Louise and Frank, Kevin went to New York with his students for a week and brought me home new bed linens from Muji and the giant ice cube trays I’d been coveting. Like I said, not all bad.

Kev and I marked 6 years together. To celebrate, I got my hair did. We had french food and went to a Zombie wedding.

K and I went out for Halloween for the first time in forever, to a party where we only knew one (lovely) person. I was a box of 64 Crayola Crayons, he was a playable Connect Four.

At Mjolk, we threw a big party for Danish furniture wizards ‘Fredericia’. I got to hang out with the president and his wife, and a spunky young globe-trotter names Liza, and learned how to pronounce ‘Borge Mogensen’. I drank too much wine. Much too much wine.

This month’s Polaris Prize Salon at the Drake was with Fucked Up, and I learned just how incredibly well-spoken FU’s Jonah Falco and journalist Sam Sutherland actually are. Also, I got to eat Steak Frites. It was a pretty great night.

My bicycle was stolen from in front of my house. They ripped apart my banister to get it. Jerks. It was a green 1960’s Amica fold up bike, and I’d had it for less than 6 weeks.

One month after returning from Iceland, Iceland came to visit. I helped out Karen and Brittany of ‘Toronto Best Party’ and we had an all day Iceland party at the El Mocambo with a kolaporte (market), screening of the documentary ‘Where Is The Snow?!’, and 2 great Icelandic Bands, ‘Of Monsters and Men’ and my personal favorite, ‘For A Minor Reflection’.

I ate a lot of dried fish.

also, I’ve had to live with this man and his ‘mustache’ all month. So there’s been some laughter too.

How was your month?


3 thoughts on “all quiet on the western front

  1. Oh, Lauren. I’m sorry to hear about the “phasing out”…and the bike (FUCKERS). But your attitude is perfect, and because of it you WILL enter 2012 on solid ground. Plus if things get shaky you have your friends to help you steady things. (arrrghh so so vague but you know what I mean?) Oh yeah and you have Kev too. heh

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