Iceland Part 5 – DILL!

I have tasted heaven, and its name is Dill.

spicy carrot ice cream, caramelized carrot cake and fresh raw carrots

toasted rye bread crumble and smoked egg cream

egg bread and malt bread

bernoisette and butter whipped with butter milk and apple vinegar

brocoli, cream of parsnip, smoked pork belly, mushrooms from Eyjafjörður, tunny cheese and birch foam

shrimp, icelandic barley, cottage cheese, dill oil, pickled cucumbers, buttermilk horseradish foam

organic potatoes from Hólmavík , free range catfish, monk caviar, blue mussel soup

burnt cauliflower, raw cauliflower, almost poached egg

icelandic lamb, pickled cabbage, parsnips, carrots, celeriac and mustard herb and spring onion sauce

whipped skyr, berry coulis frozen with liquid nitrogen, cream ice cream

rape seed oil cake, caramelized cream of whey, apples, meringue with tea, oil of spruce


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