Water Music

There must be something in the water (ungh… sorry, couldn’t resist) because so many of the Canadian bands I’m listening to these days are producing dreamy, water-logged music videos. Which is fine by me; I’d be more than happy with one last day by the shore, or even a lightening quick dip in Lake Ontario before everything freezes over. But I may not get that chance, so I’ll settle with a few laps in the salt water pool at the JCC with these images behind my eyes.

Adam & The Amethysts, Ohbijou and Bruce Peninsula all have new albums out. Buy them, why not?

The Rural Alberta Advantage’s video for ‘Muscle Relaxants’

Adam & The Amethysts’s new video for ‘Dreaming’

Evening Hymns’s video for ‘Dead Deer’

Bruce Peninsula‘s new video for ‘As Long As I Live’

Forest City Lover’s new video for ‘Keep The Kids Inside’

Ohbijou’s forthcoming video for ‘Niagara’


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