J’adore Couleurs

I almost don’t even want to share. I want to keep it all to myself, my secret oasis, so when I come home to visit every few months, I’ll know there is still a treasure trove of well-priced mid-century treats waiting for me, in an unobtrusive little shop on St. Denis. But share and share alike, and the owners of Montreal’s best MCM boutique deserve the recognition and the business. So…

A trip to Montreal isn’t complete until I stop by and inevitably spend all my ‘allowance’ on something shiny or teaky from my favorite Montreal shop ‘Couleurs‘. When K & I were married, we registered here in addition to Mjolk and between the two stores, we (I) were pretty much was guaranteed to get everything we (I) ever dreamed of. We (I) got some pretty great stuff, for sure, but the thing with collecting is… it never ends (Just ask poor Kevin).

So… here we are again.

The robin’s egg blue feature wall glows in the otherwise white lower level shop, and somehow it always seems warm and filled with sunlight. I’ve been shopping here since I was 15, before I had any concept of what modernism was, and I’m sure it had a deep subconscious impact on the style I’m drawn to. Plus, they’ve always got something great on the turntable; I would move in in a second if they asked me to. And the owners are the loveliest loveliest gentlemen, a pair of brothers who always go out of their way to email me if something comes in they know I’ve been coveting. Like that IHQ Dansk ice bucket hiding in the back over there. I seeeee you ice bucket… you will be mine.

Hello, beautiful hutch. You can’t tell in the photo that the shelf slides out to create a secretary / bar surface. Love love love.

Massive swoonage for this curvy beauty. Um, those legs, that tamboured door… could it get any better?

Bam! Front view. Exposed display area? Yes please. I’ll take 2.

Wall of ceramics. Check out that huge blue Bittosi owl! Amazing!
(note to self: curb owl collecting habit, stat)

I collect Norway’s Figgjo dishware in ‘Lotte’ and ‘Market’ patterns, but I’ve never seen this much ‘Viking’ in such excellent quality, and some rarer pieces too. From what I understand, they are based on viking folklore, and the colours are awesome. Love the teal, tomato red, sunflower and grass grean. Very fresh and still saturated and rich, and kind of different from the usual stuff.

Adorable little Arabia plates! So wee! So Finnish! It’s especially with subject matter like this and you really see the parallels between Scandinavian and Canadian cultures. These scenes could just as easily be from Quebec as they could Finland.

Dutiful and patient husband hangs out in the back in a Hans Wegner J16 Rocker.

Well, pretty patient. I still had a time limit to adhere to.


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