Montreal: Friends and Family

Sorry sorry sorry. I’ve been a neglectful blogger, I know – I’m sorry. I’ve been busy with boring and unphotogenic daily grind… work, going to the gym, being asleep. Not entirely true, there have been a few exciting events – The Polaris Gala and a particularly yummy Scandinavian dinner at home come to mind, but I was too busy living/eating to shoot either. So I’m sorry, but life – she happens. I’ve just returned from my annual homecoming / fall pilgrimage back to la Belle Province, and unlike past years, I did not come back sick! I credit this to a boosted immune system, less running around for Pop Montreal (sadly, I was only able to catch one show while I was in town) and a healthy dose of friends and fam. Hurray for all these things!

Well, I’m home from Montreal, and tomorrow I go back to work, back to life, back to reality. It was a particularly surreal weekend, my 10 year high school reunion actually, and I have lots to say about it. That’ll be next.

Sachi: Probably super creepy to say, but if K & I ever had a daughter as wonderful and gorgeous as my friend Sachiko, I would throw a parade.

Visiting little Brother at work.

Mom in a rare non-tennis playing yet still awake moment.

My sweet old dog, Tucker.

Ran into one of my favorite people ever, Roni, near Concordia, on our way to coffee at Myriade (which was some of the best I’ve ever ever had.) We caught up and compared technologies (which are cyclical, in case you didn’t know)

Brunch at Dusty’s with the boys. It comes with beans!

Puce Pop with Jamie Jams! Isn’t she adorable?

It’s like being friends with a my little pony or something.

Nicole took us to Chez Bong in Chinatown for helpings of Korean food and K-Pop and it was DELICIOUS and AWESOME.

Also, no one rocks 90s style like this girl. I’ve got to get me a jean jacket!

This photo on the way into the restaurant cracked me up.

A visit with the grandparents… S. Gold knows the benefits of a man in pink.

Breakfast on the way out of town with Amber at Depanneur Le Pick-Up.

There’s something about a crepe or a breakfast poutine and a latte at a picnic table surrounded by coolers of pop, and racks of chips, and cleaning products, and shampoo, that has me smitten. And even though there’s no real reason to do so, I credit its existence to Amber, because its so cool and she introduced me to it. Amber is probably the coolest person I know.

Also, I am thirteen.


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