bye-bye tv / hello autumn

a moment of silence for my dear departed… the tv.

It’s over. I can’t really believe it. All summer they warned me, but i didn’t believe them and now, just like that… over. Nothing left but static and glow and a pair of somewhat droopy and dejected looking bunny ears on the tv I got for my 18th birthday. It hasn’t even been a week since Ontario (or is it all of Canada? I don’t know) stopped sending out analogue frequencies and my bunny ears went slack, and I’m trying not to flop down on the couch channel surfing nothing like a crazy person, but… I love a good flop n surf, I do! We didn’t even have good tv – no food network, no hbo, no hgtv… just the basic cbc and omni 1 & 2, sun tv and a french channel, 5 stations at most. But despite the limits of our little electronic friend, I’m in mourning. And since cable/digital is not in the budget, that’s it. It’s over.

Static. Silence.

But its fall. Almost New Years, if you’re a jew. There’s a crispness to the air and this morning K returns to school. Summer is over, and I’m all about jumping on the new *school* year bandwagon. I bought a new agenda for planning and organizing, I woke up at stillnightime o’clock to join a schmancy gym this morning, and despite being completely zonked, I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

A list of things I will do now that the TVs dead.

  • “Get physical” at new schmancy gym. Swimming! Yoga! Classes! Go go go!!
  • Listen to more music. May come as a surprise, but I don’t listen to much at home, possibly due to idiot box zone-outery. Catch up on itunes backlog, and hunt for new gems!
  • Cook more (meal plan/save $/make lunches/monitor what I’m eating)
  • Hang out with K (aka. quality time). His not coming home to find me splayed in front of the TV will probably be a good thing, I imagine.
  • Entertain with old friends and chip away at my list of friends I wish I knew better I should probably have them over for dinner already.
  • READ! I have a goal to read 10 books a month now that my idiot box is dead. Totally doable amount-wise, I’m a speed-reader, but I’ll definitely need some suggestions for reads once I tear through my pile (see below). Let me know if you have any suggestions!



9 thoughts on “bye-bye tv / hello autumn

  1. not to be the one cheering for couch potato-ism, but you can get a digital converter for like 50 bucks at walmart and have tv again! i’ve heard that you actually get way more channels – like more than 10 and sometimes 20 because everything is digital but over the air now. just sayin’.

  2. FALLLLLLL! My favourite.

    Okay, I know that No TV means Kev Time and Music Time and a ton of other non-zombie activities that are better for you in the long run, but…

    …our guest room has an analog TV that is now equipped with a cheaper-than-cable digital converter box. In conjunction with the rabbit ears already affixed to the TV, we pick up all the channels we need (not many) and more (a country music channel! yay?). Plus the box we have allows for a VCR hookup so we can tape the digital feeds if we like.

    Food for (non-)thought!

    • but the question is

      converter box + rabbit ears + old tv


      new fancy flat tv that is pretty and dates from this century and has digital capabilities all by itself?

      i truly don’t know which is better, costwise/getting more channelswise

      also, way to kill my non couch-potato vibe ; )

  3. Well…converter box is cheaper (and therefore more budget-friendly)…but fancy new flat TV may have greater capability beyond its built-in digital tuner (eg. hooking up your computer to the new TV would be easier and would yield nicer-looking results).

    If you’re angling for a holiday present, anyway, the fancy TV might be in the budget (around $300 for a 22″ and probably even less expensive at huge OMG holiday sale buy buy buy time).

    Your current location might allow for better tuning, too. I can tell you that from our second-floor bedroom our TV’s built-in tuner does NOTHING and thus we have an auxiliary antenna hooked up to the TV. It looks stupid but it works. The third-floor room’s analog TV with digital converter still receives more channels, though (further argument for moving to the guest bedroom? haha).

    • UNGH. Tech stuff is stupid. Why is there not an iTV already so I can just buy the one right thing and be done with it?!

      i obviously have chosen the winning option… and christmas is like, tomorrow, right? plus, something to wait for is always a good thing.

      meantime, we can come watch snl at your house, right? ; )

      • I am not sure how Apple TV works but if you have a fancy TV you can probably make it talk to your Mac or iPhone. (“No doy. It’s super easy.” — every Mac user in the world, ever.) So there’s that!

        I love tech stuff, by the way. Or at least I like researching it. When we were in the market for a fancy TV I found that Samsungs were the most suitable in terms of quality for our price range. Things might have changed since then (January 2010), of course.

        And yes, for sure in the meantime you are always welcome to drop by and watch our TV. You don’t even have to interact with us beyond the front door! haha

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