The new Dep on the block

Last night, K and I went to meet some friends for dinner (and a million pitchers of Sangria) at Bairrada. We were ridiculously early, so we killed some time checking out Depanneur, the new corner store/organic grocery/cafe/bakery/restaurant/what have you on the block (the block being the corner of College & Rushholme).

They are just opening up, and after a chat with the owners, this much is clear: They have a lot of ideas. Which is great; enthusiasm for food & community are qualities Toronto has a’plenty, and can always use more of.


Dinner was nice. Better company and atmosphere than food, but it all came out in the wash (of aforementioned sangria). And hey…. flaming sausage!


Tonight’s dinner supplied almost entirely by Depanneur, and hopefully is undoing some of the damage done by last week’s Ex fry-fest.

Vegables, mmmmm…


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