New York #7 (last day)

Lots of things happened on our last day in New York I couldn’t photodocument.

Like how unbelievably sad we both were to hear about the passing of Jack Layton. It hit us both really hard; Jack and Olivia lived nearby and we’d often see them biking around together with their helmets on, looking unbelievably cute and in love. It was like watching teenagers, and they were an inspiration on so many levels. To get informed, to get involved, to get active, and to value above all family, friends, community and love. If Kevin wasn’t ALWAYS streaming CBC we probably wouldn’t have even know until we got back… so it was a heavy start to our last morning.

We moped our way to our only breakfast of the trip at The Life Cafe (from RENT!). I sung the entirety of La Vie Boheme to cheer us up.

French toast for him.

Huevos Rancheros for me.

Then more unphotographables, but NOT FORGETTABLES: The Russian & Turkish Baths.

someone else’s photo.

I would have KICKED MYSELF had I miss this. and I’m super bummed there would be no way to snap this experience without fully ruining my camera / getting kicked out. Amber, Ruth, Kevin and I spent 2 hours doing rounds of the Russian room (heated by oven), The Turkish room (heated by radiators), steamy Steam Room, woody Red Cedar Room, and cool/hot Peppermint/Eucalyptus Aromatherapy room, each one punctuated with a dip in the ice pool. I’ve never known such heat (my tongue was so hot, I almost had a panic attack when I first breathed in), but I’ve never felt so good. My skin! My skin felt amaaaaazing, and I’m sure the crazy amount we were sweating purged our ‘impurities’ in the first 5 minutes. We closed the trip with a little lie down in the sun on their roof, and thank goodness for that, because my legs felt like noodles.

I will NEVER go to NYC and not stop here.

and though I regret not having a bowl of borscht in their kitchen, but the tacos we grabbed afterward more than made up for it.

beans and cheese for the veggies

pork for us meat-eaters

We closed the day out with a trip to The Tenement Museum which was just incredible.

We did the ‘Piecing It Together’ tour, which really spoke to me, seeing as I come from (way back) a family of Eastern European Jewish immigrants who worked in the fashion trade myself, and though it’s so hard to imagine, this was probably exactly what life was like for my family when they came to Canada in the late 1800s.

Imagining trying to raise 5 children in a tiny 2 room apartment half the size of our current place, or coming to a strange land as a 14 year old girl married to a man I barely knew and not speaking the language, or worrying that my history and religion were becoming lost… it was a very emotional experiance, trying to put myself in their shoes.

Photos weren’t allowed (all photos here are care of the Tenement Museum), but it’s a fantastic museum and I encourage anyone visiting the city to check it out.

Then dinner in Little Italy, a walk to the West Village for a little treat at Pop Bar and home to pack. 7 blog posts later, we’re back home in Toronto and life is marching on.

NYC, we love you. Thanks for a great week.


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