New York #5B

the following will be my very favorite NYC post.

NOTE: Food friendly friends ‘o mine… don’t read this whilst hungry.

So. I’d done some research before our trip, and had put together a little must-eat list, and Bohemian was right at the top. The whole NY secret speakeasy you have to know someone culture, ok… maybe it’s a bit much. But you know what? There’s a reason secrets are fun. So when I heard about the secret Japanese restaurant behind a Japanese butcher shop in Nolita, I was intrigued. When I looked up photos online and saw that it basically looks like a little mid-century living room, I was smitten. But with an unlisted number, and a reputation for being ‘the restaurant so exclusive no one eats there’ (blah blah blah) I wasn’t counting on getting in. Apparently you need to get the number from a ‘member’… that seemed unlikely to happen. We tried calling the only listed number, which is actually to the butcher shop out front, but they maintained ignorance as to what we were talking about. One review suggested emailing, and I did, dropping the H-bomb (but we’re on our honeymoon and we’re only here for a few days!) and even signing off as Lauren Sasaki, hoping for an ethnic advantage. No such luck.

Then our friend Frank arrived, and over a class of wine while discussing our respective NYC plans, he mentioned a plan to visit Momofuku.

“Do you have reservations? You must’ve had to make them a while back”

“Oh, my friends are big New York foodies. They eat there twice a week”.

Did he just say New York Foodies?

“Can you ask them if they have the number for Bohemian?” (Sorry, I know that sentence sounds sooooo gross)

2 minutes later, we had the number and a reservation for 3 for 6 o’clock that Saturday (there was no way we were going without Frank, keeper of the keys!)

I was so excited, I barely ate all day in anticipation. I was also recovering from the aforementioned terrible terrible hangover, so it was probably for the best. We went early to scout the location, in case it was tricky to find. It wasn’t. I only wish we had had access to a serious kitchen so we could have taken home some of that delicious beef the butcher shop carried. As it was, a jar of lavender honey and one of pickled asparagus would have to do.

With some time to kill, we hit up a happy hour around the corner for some refreshing mojitos. I feel like it’s always happy hour in New York.

They buzzed us in as we arrived at 6. Sufjan Stevens was playing softly and the room was bright and cozy… if I could have moved in I would have. Service was attentive and friendly and we were in for a hell of a meal.

We all chose the tasting menu, which usually means great food/small portions, but this was not to be the case. I could barely move by the time we left.

First Course: Farmer’s Fresh Vegetable Fondue.

Yuzu Cocktail for me

Second Course: Mushroom cream croquette with sea urchin

Coedo Black beer for Kevin, sort of like a Japanese Guinness. Chocolatey and rich, but lighter, almost like a dark pilsner.

our date for the evening.

Third Course: Herve Katz’s assorted cold cuts

Fourth Course: Pan roasted branzini with farmer’s organic vegetables

Fifth Course A: Wasyu beef mini-burger with fried potatoes

Fifth Course B: ikura caviar rice bowl & japanese cucumber pickles with Tosa-zu jelly

Dessert: Green Tea Pannacotta with white sesame cream sauce

groan. best dinner. best.


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