New York #5A

The annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island deserves it’s own post.

Even though I was beyond hung-over from the previous evening’s Gumbo party, I woke up, put on my chapeau and got down to the ferry over to Governor’s Island. Crossing the Hudson Bay with a ferry full of people in full Gatsby regalia had me as fluttery as I’ve ever been. I was like a kid in a… jazz aged lawn party.

Beautiful grounds beneath a canopy of old growth trees, booths of vintage vendors and fresh squeezed lemonade, period cocktails and picnicables, phonographs and cloche hats, flappers doing the charleston everywhere you’d turn and about 5000 over-heating but impeccably dressed people all ready to play… I was in heaven.

Two turn tables and a microphone.

The average picnic set up – New Yorkers know how to commit.

From the shore you can get great non overly-tourist and non-costly views of miss liberty, for the requisite eating the cultural landmark photo.


3 thoughts on “New York #5A

  1. I can’t believe you went to this! I thought it was invite only for some reason. I am so jealous. I will it go to that party someday.

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