A wee break in the NYC posts (even though there are still a bunch to come) since we’re back in the city (Toronto) and life is already marching on, even though I’d be happy to bask in this post-vacation daze for a while longer.

When we got back to town yesterday, our yard was full of rotting plums. Gross. This happened last year too, and it brings our flies and animals and general ookiness when we’re coming in and out through the backyard, and I don’t like it. The plum were getting ready to fall before we left, and we called Not Far from The Tree, a great local organization who comes and picks your fruit for you and donates it to food kitchens, but our appointment fell through, and then we had to leave, and so… rotting plums.

After we cleaned up the yard, I grabbed a ripe one off the tree, just to see what all the fuss was about. Usually they are rock hard and sour and inedible, but super ripe… not so bad. Still sour, but it occurred to me they might work for baking. So, right off the plane, I sent Kev a’pickin’.

Also, it was a bit of an excuse to use my new Arabia bowl, which we picked up in Nolita this past week, and some of you might remember from this post. I rationalized the purchase as an early first anniversary give to our (my) selves.


My other inspiration for my Plumble (plum/crumble) was this jar of lavender honey we picked up next door to the place the bowl came from. Fate?

The plums are pretty sour, but I figured they might work like rhubarb if we sweetened properly, and the deep purple plums + soft purple lavender seemed like a natural match.

Bright green inside, like kiwis! So pretty.

I chickened out and added some mixed berries as a precaution. I didn’t want to waste so many plums, and a little extra sweetness/colour never hurts, right?

Crumble mix is an intuitive (ie. eye-balled) blend of rolled oats, unbleached flour, brown sugar, unsalted butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and some extra ground-up lavender, just for good measure. Bake at 375 until the bottom bubbles, about 20 minutes. The last 5 minutes or so, broil for a golden top.

Turned out pretty great! Not too sour, the honey lends a different kind of sweetness, and as I suspected, plum as rhubarb substitute worked really well. Excellent served hot right away, or cold and covered in milk for a not-so-healthy but definitely scrumptious breakfast.



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