New York #4

We started our day out visiting Kev’s childhood friend Doug and his ultra adorable children on his Wallstreet lunch break over in the financial district. We didn’t spend a lot of time in midtown, because sh#t is crazy busy there and brings out all my crowd anxiety, but I’m so glad we went so I could meet these cuties.

Then a few hours (or as much as K could handle) of vintage shopping in Chelsea, where I discovered THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE SHOP I HAD EVER BEEN IN, where I think only celebrities and costume designers go. I tried on a dress that made me weep, but there are no photos as they were not allowed, and no dress as the price was more than our entire trip budget combined.

I will NEVER forget that dress though.

Other Chelsea highlights included meeting a friend of 104 year-old designer Eva Ziesel who probably had about 600 of her pieces in his shop, trying on prohibitively expensive 1930s silk and lace slips in a vintage lingerie shop (which made me look like a effin’ bombshell I don’t mind saying), and buying a 12$ jaunty cap which will make an appearance late this evening. Otherwise, Chelsea: I cannot afford you. But I love you.

Afterward, we headed over to Madison Square park for this Shake Shack my friends are always going on about. MUCH more my economic speed. The line was about 45 minutes when we arrived…

…but it was worth it. Damn good burger, and free fries to boot for our wait! If we were to ever go back, I would check the Shack Cam in advance, to avoid the line: TECHNOLOGY!

To work off the burger, we took a leisurely stroll along the High Line Park, and it was easily one of the highlights of the trip. The abandoned rail line turned public walkway above the city is a beautiful and quiet way to take in New York, and surrounded by wildflowers on both sides of you, you don’t feel as if you are about to plummet to your death. It’s beautifully designed, and there’s just something about rolling around on a grass lawn surrounded by downtown tenements 20 stories up that leaves you full of awe.

The illusive couple shot!

Go figure, we even ran into our buddy Frank walking in the opposite direction. Pffft, New York isn’t so big.

The evening and the High Line eventually brought to our ultimate destination, dinner with Kev’s friend from Japan, Vasco, who we love to bits. He promised us a treat before dinner, and with Vasco that could have meant anything. It turned out to be a hand treatment at Soapology. which was awesome after our long day and left our hands almost too smooth. Not that that is really a thing.

The skies opened up and the thunderstorm we kept being promised finally arrived. We arrived, soaked and starved at a cozy/romantic Scandinavian (yay!) restaurant called Smorgas Chef. Not too pricey, delicious food, snugly ambiance… Vasco really picked a winner.

HOUSE CURED AQUAVIT GRAVLAKS pan-roasted potatoes, dill cucumber salad, mustard sauce

SWEDISH MEATBALLS & LINGONBERRIES hive mashed potatoes, carrots, zucchini, squash, grädd sauce

SMORGASBORD gravlaks, jansson’s potato, swedish meatballs, herring, traditional accompaniments

DUCK LEG CONFIT WITH CHERRIES apple potato saute, cherry gastrique, fried parsley

SCANDINAVIAN SOFT VANILLA WAFFLES Cloudberry preserve, chantilly cream

After dinner, we went back to Vasco’s 4th floor walk up for some pre-drinking before dancing (that I thought we were going to pass up, but, when in NYC…) in what turned out to be a reverse clown car of cute gay guys. One after one they piled into the the tiny New York apartment, the buzzer ringing every 10 minutes or so and another nice good-looking guy would squeeze into the ‘living room/kitchen/dining room’.

Vasco doesn’t drink, but he keeps booze on hand for his guests. And pours liberally. Apparently, a vodka and orange juice is 1 cup vodka, one shot OJ. Who knew?

Then eventually, this happened…

There’s my 12$ hat at work.

Chairs were at a premium and the big threat was the last guy to arrive was going to get the exercise ball. But somehow chairs kept appearing from out of nowhere. Chairs and guys. Good times.

Also, these guys had the best drinking game, where we sat in a circle, passing around a bottle of absolute mandarin and complimenting the person to our left. If more drinking games were like this, I could finally get behind going to a bar as an activity in itself.

Before I knew it, we had piled in 4 cabs and were on our way over the Brooklyn bridge to GUMBO (Gays Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass) which had an open vodka bar and free haircuts (?). I woke up the next day with a wicked hangover, still fully dressed, and shorter hair.

WTF NYC? You know how to do a Friday night.


One thought on “New York #4

  1. I’m currently reading through The Stylist’s Guide to NYC and your hitting a few spots from the book. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. I can’t wait to go myself.

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