New York #2

So. It was basically supposed to rain the entire week we were in NYC, except the first day. Thus, trek through ‘central park day’ was planned, and let me tell you… when it doesn’t rain in NYC, it doesn’t pour.

After the park trek,  we found ourselves around the corner from one of my ‘things to see/eat’ landmarks ‘Burger Joint’, a not so secret burger place in the schmancy downtown hotel ‘Le Parker Meridien’.

Walk through the grandiose lobby, and you’ll noticed among the leather chairs, icy marble floors and endless rows of chandliers, the scent of grilled flesh piped in with the classic music.

Behind a red velvet curtain at the back of the lobby, you will find a neon burger sign, and it will lead you to heaven (if heaven were a tiny burger joint). It will be rammed with people. And you will eat your burger standing up. And you will not get a photo because it will be gone instantly. And it will be the best burger you’ve ever had.

The shake was also fantastic.

After this, we walked forever until I thought we would die. We shopped in Soho and bought pre-emptive raincoats at Muji (where I love everything and would like to move into) and walked through SoHo, Nolita and the Lower East Side. Not a lot to see photo-wise, but for a quick recap it was really hot and we were parched and exhausted and felt like dying.

Then dinner at The Bridge Cafe, New York’s oldest serving tavern and former brothel, found under the Brooklyn Bridge. Atmosphere was casual but elegant, service was great, food was divine. We sat in the corner snuggled up at a teeny tiny table, and I admit it was pretty romantic in a very urban way. From the window by our table, all we could see was the bridge above.

Heirloom tomato gazpacho.

Manhattan clam chowder.

Flash fried soft shell crab with grilled broccolini and potatoes.

Aged Provolone, Sage & Panko Crusted Chicken w. Forest Mushroom & Pancetta Ragu, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Unghhhhhh….

New York: I am so so so glad I am walking 5-15 hours a day, because your food culture is killing me. But I love you I love you I love you don’t change.


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