SummerWorks Essentials

photo by J&J

Despite the name of this blog, I don’t do an awful lot of hustling for my own concerts here. However, over the next ten days I’ll be making an exception. Tonight marks the opening night of the SummerWorks Theatre and Arts Festival (Canada’s Largest Juried Theatre Festival, now in its 21st year)  whose music series I am honoured to program this year. The festivities get started this evening with a big free party down at the MOCCA courtyard. I’ll likely be running around like a chicken with my head cut off over the next week so I’ve compiled here a “must-not-forget” list of working-a-festival essentials.

a) Siwa paper pouch for artist contracts and other pertinent documentation. Bonus: It’s water-resistant in the event of showers. But there won’t be showers. There won’t. Available at Mjolk. $50.

b) DSLR to capture all those Kodak moments for later blogging.

c) Sponsorship swag. Gracias a CBC Radio 3!

d) Muku note pad for guest lists, set lists (bands never bring their own paper) and last-minute note-taking. Available at Mjolk. $15.

e) Music series artists’ albums to spin/shamelessly promote at tonight’s opening party. Pictured here: Broughtupsy by Bonjay (playing Saturday, August 6th) and Speak of Trouble by Great Bloomers (playing Wednesday, August 10th).

f) Festival program and flyers and Pass so I know where I’m going, can send others there too and can get in when I get there. And in case I get separated from my group.

g) Kenton Sorenson iPhone case, iPhone and charger (never forget the charger!!). What did I ever do before iPhone? Case available at Mjolk.

h) SummerWorks swag, like this handy-dandy tote bag . Looooove the Toronto apocalypse theme, a not-so-subtle nod to our municipal administration.

i) Oji Masanori brass bottle opener for sneaky sips of backstage suds. Available at Mjolk.

I pray I haven’t forgotten anything and I truly hope to see some friendly faces out tonight. Party starts at 6PM and goes ’til 1AM. And it’s FREE!

MOCCA Courtyard, just Queen Street West, between Ossington and Shaw St.

Set times:

6PM Raoul and the Big Time
7PM The Elwins
8PM Patti Cake
9PM Modern Superstitions
10PM Light Fires
11PM Choir! Choir! Choir!

Afterwards, DJing by ME!! Oy vey…





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