visits with mom pt. 2


We took mom for more deliciousness at my favorite brunch spot du jour: Starving Artist.

The things they do with waffles… it’s unholy. I had the smoked salmon sandwich with cream cheese and capers, served on DILL WAFFLES. Somehow the combination of subtle vanilla and fresh dill is divine.

It was about a billion degrees in the shade so we decided to take in a movie (ie. spend a few hours in serious air conditioning). We went to see the Conan O’Brien documentary ‘Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop’ and we giggled through the whole thing, which may or may not have deeply aggregated all the 3 other people in the theater at noon thirty.

Dinner at home:

Portobello mushroom burgers with roasted red pepper sauce and goat cheese, grilled potatoes, caesar salad.

Day Three: Off to Toronto Island!

Mom bought ‘the house’ a big ol’ box of honey bunches of cardboard…

I drowned mine in strawberries and bananas.

Mom had never been to the island before, so of course we took her to…

…the clothing optional beach. (we opted for clothes)

so pretty

…and windy.

still, nothing like a picnic and a game of scrabble surrounded by nakedness with your husband and your mom.

I’m always taking photos of everyone else, and then get a complex because there are no photos of Kev and I. I’m not the most thrilled with how I appear in pictures, but I’m working on getting over it. Otherwise, I’ll be turning 50 before I know it and have no visual record of how I got there. Sigh.

On the ferry home, I couldn’t stop staring at this girl’s feet. The blue toes, the Om tattoo, the sand clinging to her… I’m so grateful for the much-needed 3 days off I had to take a minute to enjoy summer in Toronto.


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