visits with mom pt.1

The last few days my mom has been in town for a visit. I love her visits, and even though we speak at least 5 times a week (usually every day) I’m always looking forward to our next adventure.Montreal always seems close by, however it’s about 6-7 hours to drive, which is exhausting and usually amounts to a day of travel on either end, so you usually need 4 days minimum to make a trip worthwhile and neither mom nor I usually have that amount of time off. We try to see each other every three months, and I love when she comes to visit Kev and I. When she comes to Toronto she’s on her own, and our time together is very concentrated, as opposed to when I go visit home and have a million things to see and people to visit. In Toronto, it’s just her and me (and Kevin).

This particular visit I drove her crazy taking photos of absolutely everything, especially our meals… but we had a lot of beautiful meals! The first night she arrived, we picked her up at the train station and after dropping her bags at our place and a quick glass of chilled white, we took her for the family night prix fix dinner at Barque. I CANNOT BELIEVE how much fantastic food you get for 25$. Maybe it’s because the restaurant just opened, and eventually their prices will climb, but for now I was thrilled to take part. Be forwarned: many many photos of food to follow. Do not read whilst hungry.

best way to start a summer meal? an icy drink! and what better icy summer drink than a mint julep?

Barque makes theirs extra boozey, so beware.

I’d be forwarned that Barque smoke EVERYTHING, but the smoke olives were a tasty surprise.

Next course was watermelon and feta salad with mint, ginger smoked shrimp and smoked beef flatbreads.

I’m drooling as I type.

a nice light chickpea and tomato salad.

arugula salad with peaches and candied pecans.

Left to Right: Pulled smoked lamb tacos, smoked dry brushed ribs, smoked chicken.

The chicken was ultra tender, and I’d give my left you know what for more.

Dessert was a Neapolitan milkshake… strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, with chunks of chocolate cookies and fresh Ontario strawberries floating within. We drank them up before I could snap a photo.

After dinner, we went for a constitutional along the waterfront while we digested our epic meal.


and then home to bed…

my mom is so cute.


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