Blog forgive me for I have sinned; it has been over a month since my last post. I’ve basically been going without stop for the last 5 weeks, but for what its worth I promise I will try to stop and share the roses over the next 5 weeks… even though I doubt they’ll be any less chaotic then those preceeding. *breath*

Tonight I took a moment out, to have a scrumptious meal with a friend I haven’t spent much one on one time with. He fixed my camera (see above prolonged absence) and we went for a walk, pointing and clicking, while I tried to keep up both literally and figuratively. It so nice to be with someone for whom I have such great respect, but who never intimidates or makes me feel lesser than… just quietly encourages me, and treats me like an equal. Tonight was a welcome pause in a whirlwind month, even if the photos were nothing to write home about.


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