weekend & rainy day activities

I’m a workaholic worker bee work monster-o-rama these days, so weekends for me… not really a thing. Still, despite the rainy blah weather Toronto experienced over this past weekend, and despite working the entirety of the whole thing and being zonked out of my mind, I was pretty happy with the work/play balance of the last few days (usually when I’m zonked the social thing takes a backseat to lying on the couch).

Friday I moved out of the Mjolk house where I’d be kitty-sitting the last two weeks (*sniff* bye pretty house! bye most comfortable bed that ever happened!) I managed to wake myself up just enough to get dressed up in whatever 1930s-esque gear I could dig out of our closet to attend a friend’s Gatsby-themed birthday party, where I danced and wheezed sweatily to a live jazz band and ate more than what was surely my allotted share of macaroons from Nadege (mojito flavoured were the favorite of the evening).

Saturday I met the Polkaroo, ‘B’ my co-worker at QWAC I’ve worked alongside without ever having met for 2 months now, and we insta-hit it off.

” B, Can I take your photo?”

“Sure, let me go get the mannequin heads!”

Saturday we spent a lovely wine-fuelled evening in our friend S’s new apartment (which may be the nicest place I’ve seen in Toronto, seriously… she’s directly facing Trinity-Bellwoods park, and there are like 37 skylights in her place; I was swooning) with her ultra-delicious twins M&A who I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, almost as much as I love watching Kevin read them Harry Potter.

Today, we got up early before I went to work to have breakfast together at the depressingdinernexttoourhouse. We’re both definitely diner people, and I love the romance of the empty diner/rain outside combo. This particular diner is usually filled with sad people having morning beers in silence, but the owners are nice and friendly and I’m a sucker for a 5$ breakfast. Plus they have a pretty decent jukebox, and use adorable MCM restaurantware. Sold!

I have my first day off in 14 days tomorrow. It’s supposed to rain, and I fully intend to indulge in my other favorite rainy day activities; Books, baths, sleeping in and not getting dressed till 4pm. Yessir, I’m a real worker bee…


One thought on “weekend & rainy day activities

  1. I, too, think S’ (S’s?) new place is DIVINE. The kind of place you have to rent because buying it would be RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. It is the kind of place that warrants ALL-CAPS when discussing it. I took a million photos of it when I was there recently. I COULD NOT STOP MYSELF.

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