birthday stock-taking

27 doesn’t seem like much of a landmark, but it does make 10 years since I graduated high school and started out in the world as an ‘adult’. Much has changed in that time, and much has not. It’s a bit of a weird and unexpected milestone, though more unexpected is how difficult I find to remember what the heck happened when.


In 2001 I turned 17, graduated from high school and started CEGEP. I had a hard time in high school and was very excited to be out in the world.

In 2002 I turned 18 and went to my first clubs, bars and most importantly concerts. Also started working at The Big Record Store, where I’d get my first taste of ‘popular music’ culture; until then I’d mostly been listening to jazz, showtunes and whatever was on the radio. We moved out of the house I’d grown up in. I was also pretty miserable.

In 2003 I turned 19, still working at The Big Record Store. I was still pretty miserable. I also don’t remember much that happened, which I guess is pretty indicative of where I was at.

In 2004 I turned 20, and I was slightly less miserable. Still working at The Big Record Store and going to shows heavily, a few a week. I saw Donkey Heart perform more times than I can count. I loved my friends.

In 2005 I turned 21, was still working at The Big Record Store, moved away to Toronto where I started working at a Toronto chapter of The Big Record Store, started (and finished) studying fashion at Ryerson, and met Kevin. I learned I did not want to work in fashion.

In 2006 I was still working at The Big Record Store (holy crow I worked there FOREVER). I turned 22, and co-founded my first (only) band that remotely got off the ground.  I studied artist management at a terrible terrible school that waste my money and time and I will need to pay off forever. I spent some time interning at a record label and learned I did not want to work at a record label.

In 2007, I turned 23, went to visit Kevin in Japan and began my No Shame series. I did some work at a booking agency and learned I did not want to be an agent.

In 2008, I turned 24 and tried my hand booking at a boutique hotel. Kevin moved into my Kensington market attic, and we adopted kitties Edo and Obi. I started work at a major record label, and took at trip to New York. A local weekly magazine called me promoter of the year on a particularly bad day, and made me keep going with it.

In 2009, I turned 25, Kevin and I got engaged and I went west (Vancouver, Victoria) and east (Halifax) for the first time. I did some music marketing and publicity, and liked it. I started working at the St. Lawrence market and at a few vintage stores and dipped my toe in the antique/vintage retail pool for the first time. Loved it.

In 2010, I turned 26 and got an Iphone and drove everyone crazy taking a million pictures. Kevin and I were married and moved into our own space on Bathurst, and I no longer had to live with 5 men and 1 bathroom. I worked at a cookbook shop with some very special people, who taught me a lot about food.

Today I’m 27, and I know I’m getting older because this list was pretty darn hard to remember/put together. I used to define my years with grades and boyfriends, and I guess now it’s travel and employment, which is a bit of a surprise to me. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life learning what I don’t want, but there’s still a ways to go I guess in refining what I do.


Last night Kev and I went to one of my favorite restaurants and then saw a movie I love in the theater, a rare treat. Tonight we’ll drive to the burbs for all you can eat king crab at a Chinese buffet, because I eats fo’ free on ma birthday.


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