It’s April, and spring is in the air, even if it doesn’t totally feel like it today. I wore bare legs to work (part optimism, part my socks had holes in them and i didn’t feel like wearing winter boots to cover them up) and it was a huge miscalculation. I is COLD! But it’s sunny out, and I have a lot to look forward to this weekend, so I can think warm thoughts and pretend.

Next week is Passover, my very favorite holiday, which combines the optimism of spring with the peacocking of new outfits and epic amounts of my favorite food (the star of which is my grandmother’s strawberry shortcake). Passover always falls around my birthday (the dates move around since it follows the jewish calendar) and so has been linked with celebration and fun my whole life.

Sadly, I won’t be able to make it home for Passover this year. It falls on a Tuesday, Kev can’t take time off during the week, and we’ve booked time off to head to Ottawa and see his folks/do the Easter thing a few days later.  It’s just too much time off and too much travel money to do both. I’m always bummed to miss Passover, particularly this year as it’s my first as a married lady and it’s interesting being around my family in this new role. But, as a married lady, I finally have the matching dishes and nice cutlery and stemware and even a dining table (even if it is in pieces in our closet) to pull off a formal dinner party. So I’m stepping up to the challenge; my first seder in my new family.

I’m jazzed to try my hand at some beloved family traditions, and also to make changes where I please. I won’t pretend I’m not a bit anxious for this undertaking, but at worst, none of my guests are jewish and are unlikely to know if I’ve messed something up. And if I do, we can always just order chinese.

One things for sure… there will be strawberry shortcake.


Some Passovery Things

Spring also means spring cleaning, and I’m all about Sapadilla cleansers, especially the mint and rosemary scents – they leave the air tingly cool and clean smelling. They make a great hostess gift, and I’m sure to give my home a good once over with these guys before having anyone over.

Sapadilla Cleansers available locally at Good Egg

Love this spring-timey tea towel from Bookhou as a hostess gift; the birds nest illustration in particular is loverly.

Spring Tea Towel by Bookou

When all else fails you can’t go wrong with good ol’ fashioned flowers as a sweet seder gift. The Canadian Cancer Society’s April  ‘Daffodil Days’ campaign, in place since 1948, is on now… why not do some good and pick up a bunch or 2?

Anna at Door Sixteen tweeted about this Jonathan Adler seder plate, and now I’m all covetous. So beautiful and modern! I haven’t decided what I’ll be using for a seder plate yet, but it almost certainly will not be designed with that intention as it’s primary function. Gah! This is a total future-heirloom piece. LOVE.

Jonathan Adler Futura Seder Plate

I’ve been lustful over the powder-coated steel cookie tray we sell at Mjolk for over a year now, and imagine it would be lovely toppling with macaroons and other yeast-free delectables. It’s so elegant, with it’s teeny tiny trays. John and Juli used it for their wedding cakes; how beautiful.

Cookie tray Available through Mjolk

I’ve been collecting vintage kids books for years now; they always have the best graphics, vibrant and nostalgic. This passover book from 1960 would be an ideal addition to my collection (and likely a great education tool for the unfamiliar.)

Vintage Children’s Book on Passover

ismoyo’s Etsy shop


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