First off: This is amazing.

Last night I worked at the launch party for The Toronto Standard, a new online newspaper that went live yesterday. I find it quite compelling and well written, and there are a few really beautiful videos on the site I’d recommend checking out.

Post last night’s revelry, my brain is a tad on the melty side, so I don’t know how much sentence stringing together I have in me. As it is I’ve started this paragraph a dozen times over already. The weekend is upon us, but I have 3 proper shifts and out of town overnight still ahead of me, so the stretch until Monday (my day off) is looking rather long, though filled with loveliness.

Allow me to disappear into my happy place, the land of lists. Ah, but I’m not feeling terribly consumery these days. I need to save up, and I’m feeling inundated by stuff as it is. My birthday wishlist this year is mostly intangibles.

Going out for dinner at Guu (favorite!)
Going to a movie in a theater (I don’t remember when I last did that… Rosemary’s Baby, April 20th 9pm at the Bloor anyone?)
Going out for lime margaritas
A haircut
My G1 license
Flowers – especially some of those yellow dried boops (craspedia) that show up in every single inspiration photo I’ve saved in the last 5 years.

And hey, one weensy consumer good, while I’m at it: a proper non-pointandshoot digital camera so I can learn to shoot with something besides my phone. Well, maybe not so weensy. Though I’m at a bit of a loss as to what I should be looking for. Why isn’t there an icamera that everyone with catchy advertisements so I know what to want?


The new Destroyer album Kaputt is most excellent. I may spend the evening lying on my bed in the dark having a listening party.


One thought on “intangibles

  1. That ad is awesome though the tag line… “touch wood” not as awesome.

    The standard looks really good but I haven’t delved deep enough to really form an opinion yet

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