April and the Turning 30 Bucket List

Oh! I’m so sorry for abandoning everyone (assuming there is anyone following along with this), but March was the blurst. Truly. The lousy Smarch weather, getting knockmeonmyass sick, countless apartment dramas, and various fiscal setbacks… I have not been more joyous to say farewell to 31 days in a long ass time. See ya March! So forgive me for the lack of posts, just when we were getting up and going… you really didn’t want to hear me whine on and on about all this badness – grumpy Lauren is terribly unattractive.

A week into April, and things are looking up in a big way. Or more accurately, looking forward.

I have a birthday coming up.

I love birthdays, and like a lot of people I tend to get all reflective and goal-oriented around my birthday (and new years, and the beginning of the school year – basically I get 3 fresh starts a year, which is good, because I need about 15). Last year I kind of breezed over my birthday; we had the wedding coming up 4 months later and I didn’t feel like making a big fuss, nor did I really need a big party seeing as I had THE big party ahead and should have been saving my pennies. But this year… 27 is hardly a landmark event, but for some reason this birthday is HUGE for me. Because, for the first time, I can see 30.

It’s as if I’m not turning 27, but rather beginning a 36-month count down to the big three-oh. And I’m beginning my stock-taking now. After all, a 30 bucket list doesn’t get accomplished overnight… some of these things may take years! Like, three years! So I need to get on the move. And for the last few weeks all I’ve been doing is thinking about what I want to have done by 30. And proactively setting wheels in motion.

I’m trying to have goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) so that I don’t get all depresso by making plans I can’t ever fulfill. And I should clarify, the term 30Bucket List is a little bit arbitrary, and more of a guideline. What I’m really interested in is what I’d like to accomplish before I consider having kids. And given Kevin’s age, and my health restrictions, it seems like 30 will be a good time to start considering such things (note my tentative language? Not so ready to commit to anything just yet). I just don’t want to get to 30 and to be in the same place life-experience-wise as I am now, because I KNOW at this point in my life I would really feel as if I were missing out on a lot of things were I to take that step, things just for me. Being 10 years ahead of me, Kevin has just done so much more than I have, and it’s time for me to catch up! So. I finally feel like there are enough things in my life infrastructure that are stable enough for me to articulate what else I’d like to see going on (how awesome?! Usually, when people ask what my five year plan is I guess at what would sound good… now I can almost see that far ahead – this is a new development!).

So here’s what I’ve got so far.


Deal with my back tax issues (I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared)
Pay off my school bank loan entirely
Begin to pay off my OSAP
Gain a greater understanding of my financial situation, and get a plan together for ‘the future’, whatever that means

Learn to Drive / Become a licensed driver
Update my Japanese from party-trick sentences to full on conversational


TRAVEL: Knock the following off my to see list
Finally get our Scandinavian honeymoon (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland)
Finally make it to San Francisco
Return to NYC
Finally make it to SXSW (Austin, TX)!
Do the cross-Canada trip, ideally in a tour-management capacity (if you read this and you’re hiring, I make an excellent tour manager! I’m organized, bilingual, great with crisis management, I’m learning how to drive, and best of all I give excellent musician massages).
Return to Japan, ideally in a long-term form (6-12monthes) perhaps in an internship position?

Enjoy a few years of being healthy and enjoying shopping again (this is as much as I’d like to list here)


Some of my goals surprised me, and some have been in the back of my mind since I was a teenager. And I’ve already taken some steps to get certain things going…

I have a plan to postpone our honeymoon (again) work super hard so that by this time next year I’ll have TOTALLY PAID OFF one of my debts. I’ve made an appointment to meet with this awesome lady about getting a fiscal plan together (how cool is her barter babes project?! Amazing!) in early May.

To bring in some extra scrilla (can I pull that off? No? ok) I picked up some additional employment at yet another awesome shop. And it’s a truly a good thing that my pockets are empty and my apartment is full, because this new place could EASILY bleed me dry. I won’t say where, as it’s still early days, but I hope it works out because I’m really digging the job. But you never know how these things will go, so all I’ll say for the moment is I’m working 6 or 7 (or 8 or 9) days a week and it feels great – I’m always happier and more productive the busier I am.

I’ve been studying my bum off with my little drivers manual so that I can turn 27 with a shiny G1 license in my pocket (even though everyone is making fun of me and saying it’s unnecessary  – but they forget that I have never sat behind the wheel of a car and know NOTHING about driving at all at all at all) and I’ve researched driving schools (by which I mean I’m just going to go where this lady goes, because she’s awesome and I want to be just like her).

I dug out (can one dig out MP3s?) the ol’ Pimsleur Japanese “tapes” and have been brushing up on the basics, and have devised a schedule to get through them within the year.

I feel like I’m making a good start a getting a plan together for the next 3 years, and there is a good mix of goals; a few I can burn through quickly, a few will need patience and constant tending to, and a few will be welcome rewards as landmarks of my progress.  However, there is a big area that I know I’ll need helping putting a ‘SMART’ plan in place for, based on how long I’ve wanted things to be different, and how long they haven’t been, and that is my health. Which is a nice umbrella terms for overall health, with an emphasis on fitness and specifically weight. This is a really huge issue for me, and I’m not totally sure how to move forward on it. I’d welcome some advice.

Aaaaanywho, sorry this post was so boring and wordy; I’ve obviously have been doing way too much thinking, and the post is more for me than anything else.  I promise next post will be full of colours and pictures and dreams. And until then, here’s a snappy new-ish video to usher in spring, from the forthcoming Tune-Yards album. Merrill Garbus (aka Tune-Yards) is the very very bestest, and I have the honour of saying she played the 2nd ever No Shame show, way back in April of 2007. I can’t wait to hear the new album, w h o k i l l, which drops April 19 (happy early birthday to me!). This lady is a capital J JOY.


4 thoughts on “April and the Turning 30 Bucket List

  1. I’m so glad you have an appointment with Barter Babe Shannon! She is seriously the best. It will both make you feel better AND give you something to get your ass into gear for.

  2. Lauren, this is great! And hard! But excellent! It’s awesome to have specific goals. I need to sit down one day/week and do one of these things… for age 35, though, I guess ;-).

  3. Wow, I am impressed. I should have done this a long time ago. Its great that you are writing all this down and being proactive about setting a plan into motion. I’m afraid of making a plan because its another thing I can fail at. The big 3 0 is scaring me. I have to lose my defeatest attitude and start moving towards something before its too late. AHHHH

    Weight loss advice: You may have different problems than me but, what I find difficult is portion control. I don’t eat anything for huge swaths of the day and then gorge. If you are very busy you could be doing this too. Bring lots of small,healthy snacks with you and eat them throughout the day. That way your body isn’t starving and holding onto everything as fat(Is that a dirty word now I can’t tell) as weight.

    Best of luck with your plan.

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