Homecoming Part 3: Dim Sum

My pick for top Montreal Dim Sum is Maison Kam Fung in Montreal’s Chinatown, located in a mall at the corner of Rene-Levesque and St. Urbain. A late-morning heavy protein fix followed by an afternoon spent wondering the 2 and a bit blocks that make up the neighbourhood was a bit of a ritual for me and my friends back in the day. Today the area seemed much smaller (I guess I’ve gotten used to Toronto’s expansive Chinatowns), and I didn’t quite feel like I could make an entire day of it, but the food was just as good, definitely better than anything I’ve found in TO (Don’t miss: savoury turnip cakes, shrimp and veg pancakes with hoisen, baby squid, and creamy mango pudding cubes for dessert). And I cannot believe how cheap! The five of us ate till we were well sated for 8$ a head, tax and generous tip included. I suppose it’s true that the cost of living is lower here, and it really shows when eating out, or having a nice latte, or buying groceries. But I don’t really want to dwell on it, because I no longer live in Montreal.


You didn’t think I was going to come home and NOT get a Poutine, did you?

(clogged arteries courtesy of Casse-Croute du Coin aka Moe’s)


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