Homecoming (in 3 parts)

Exhibit A. The house I grew up in (1988-2002)

This was a beautiful house, and I don’t think I fully appreciated it growing up, but now I like to stop by whenever I’m in town and stare at it, which probably makes the new owners very uncomfortable. We left when I was 18, and I think of it often… snippets of memories on the stairs, in hallways, lying under the dining room table when I needed some ‘alone time’.  The bedroom on the left was mine; I could see the stop sign from my window.

Exhibit B.  Snowdon Deli (outside/inside) + extreme mother-in-law love (look, she’s CLUTCHING his arm)

Someone once told me when you’re looking for good chinese food, look for the restaurant with all the chinese people inside. Similarly, if you’re looking for great deli in Montreal, don’t line up at Schwartz on St. Laurent… sit down for an old-fashioned smoked meat and a cherry coke at Snowdon Deli, which looks exactly the same today as it has my entire life.

Exhibit C: Homecoming meal

Smoked meat, french fries.


Party sandwiches (my favorite), potato salad, eggplant, chopped liver, full sour pickles.

Not pictured: coleslaw, matzoh ball soup, cherry coke, cheese danish.


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