Beware the Ides of March, especially if you’re working the next day

I’m a little worse for wear this morning, I’ll admit, and currently recovering from last night’s adventures attending the 2nd monthly installment of Low Brow High Ball, a cocktail party run by friends Adam, Jen and Beth. Last night featured, for a very minimal fee,  3 original cocktails and snacks with a loose theme, this month’s the clever ‘Ides of March’. We mingled under a projection of Marlon Brando’s 1953 ‘Julius Caesar’, nibbling on plump olives and dates stuffed with blue cheese or wrapped in prosciutto,  and thoughtfully laid out fresh bread to sop up alcohol for those of use who’d forgotten to eat a proper meal beforehand (oops) while our triumvirate served us expertly mixed concoctions with cute names like ‘Es tu, Brut?’

This what I always dreamed being an ‘adult’ in the city would be like… mid-week drinks with interesting and friendly ‘young urban professionals’, in a ‘alternative space’ down an alleyway… teenage Lauren would have been suitably impressed, and pleased. I’m just impressed I ventured out in the disgusting weather on a weeknight, when I’m not much of a drinker and my bed is soooo cozy. Glad I did though, as is generally the case.

For those at home who’d like to try to replicate this inspired event, here’s the drink list.

Roman Shakeup
2 pts grappa
1 pt st. Germain
1 pt. grapefruit juice
1 pt lemon juice
1 egg white
2 dashes rhubarb bitters

I probably could have dealt without the eggey texture, which snuck up on me and my delicate gag reflex every now and then, and I had to fight to maintain composure, but overall the drink was acidic but not bitter, and sweet but not overly so, light and refreshing. Lovely.

Sriracha Caesar
1 pt sake
1 pt clamato
sriracha to taste
wasabi to taste
1 dash soy sauce
1 dash worcestershire sauce
top with a smoked oyster and kimchi

Inspired! Love the asian-roman fusion on this one, the depth and smokiness of the drink and the zing of the wasabi and kimchi. I’m a caesar traditionalist, so I could have used some lemon to cut through, and some salt to rim – the smoked paprika (i think) which rimmed the glass was pretty, but it tasted a bit chalky. But the heat was great – there was definitely some upper lip-sweating going on, but thankfully they kept the lights low enough that it hopefully went unnoticed.

Et tu, Brut?
8 pts prosecco
2 pts fig reduction
1 pt gin

LOVE. Sweet, but not too sugary, loved the lightness of the prosecco, and the jamminess of the figs, and gin seemed to balance everything out really nicely. I’d definitely make this one up at home as a sophisticated dessert cocktail.


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