9 Covetables

Let me preface this post by saying I DONT NEED ANYTHING… BUT.

and in that BUT lies the danger. If I found any of these items at a reasonable price, I would happily scratch them off my wish list. I generally don’t think it’s a great idea to fill your home with design classics, because it ends up looking very catalogue-ey, but here are a handful of staples I would love to have in my possession.

1. Something from the Royal Copenhagen ‘Blue Fluted – Mega’ line.

Ungh… this line is sooooo nice. Based on a 200+ year old pattern, blue fluted lace, for Royal Copenhagen (danish china originally produced for the royal family), visionary design student Karen Kjældgaard-Larsen updated the pattern in 2005 by selecting zoomed in images of the traditional hand-painted china and blowing them up for a modern take. I think its gorgeous, and has a great sense of humor to boot (occasionally you’ll get a zoomed in stamp of the RC logo in the middle of a casserole).

My entire family (which means my grandmother, aunt and mother) all do the blue and white thing, and I love the look… clean and crisp, pretty and never dated. I thought it would be fun to carry that tradition on, in my own way (ei. Scandinavian-ly…), so Kevin and I tried to register for these as our wedding china, without first looking at the price. Turns out a 5-piece place setting for 12 would have been like, 6 grand. So much for that idea! But maybe if I come into some cash one day, a pie-plate would be nice.

2. Heart Enamel bowl by Kaj Franck for Finnel

I already own the yellow sun and mushrooms bowls by Kaj, and as you know; 2 is a pair, 3 is a collection. And aren’t the hearts so cheerful and cute? These bowl are great to throw in the freezer and use for whipping cream. I’m always on the lookout for this bowl at the antique market, or on etsy.

3. Something from Stig Lindberg’s ‘Bersa’ line.

Like, maybe a teacup, for a special just-for-me afternoon tea? I frackin love this pattern, which is such a staple in Sweden that they actually used it for their McDonald’s cups at one point.

4. Pollo Vase – Tapio Wirkkala for Rosenthal

I’ve hesitated on picking this icon up more than a few times, seeing as I’ve never seen it for under 100$, and I just don’t have that kind of cash to spend on a bud vase that looks like a chicken. BUT. I love it. How cute would this be with 2 of those little yellow Craspedia sticking out?

5. Crux Blanket – by Pia Wallén (in Potato)

Hey! A non-ceramic! Pia produces these collectible blankets from start to finish on her family farm in Sweden, doing everything from raising the sheep to shearing to dying the wool to producing the blankets on site, and as such, they only make 100-150 of these lovelies per year! Add the 850$ retail tag, and this stunning wool wonder will likely remain the thing of dreams for me. The image above remains one of the inspiration photos I’ve kept in my clippings folder for years now, and represents exactly what I wish for in a bedroom, and home. Quiet, peaceful, and still a little graphic and modern.

6. Eames Hang-It All

For the future child room, to go with the Pinocchio carpet I snagged from Mjolk as they were being discontinued. By the time we decide to have wee ones, I’ll be totally done decorating. Because I’m insane. But at least I’m AWARE I’m insane.

7. A pair of Finn Juhl low lounge chairs

Actually, all I really want are a pair of low lounge chairs, but hey, if you’re gonna dream, dream big, right?

8. Jens Quistgaard Ice Bucket for Dansk

Back in the world of attainable dreams, I think this mid-century staple is a must have. Plus, I’m just the biggest IHQ fan around, and his stamp appears on 80% of the things in my kitchen. So, it’s only right that I should own this piece, as far as I’m concerned.

9. Ilmari Tapiovaara’s Madamoiselle rocking chair

Again, for future rooms I COVET this. I love the look of black and wood paired together, and the lines on this piece… drool. It’s almost shaker-esque in look, humble, but something about the curves screams mid-century sophistication. Throw a sheepskin on this and its goodnight nurse!We recently picked up 3 Fanett chairs by Tapiovaara, and I’d love to add to that one day. I actually saw one once at Couleurs, one of my favorite stores in Montreal, and didn’t buy it – oh! such pangs of regret! But then, I would have had nowhere to put it. Though, this is true of most everything on my list.

I’ll stop here at 9 rather than 10, as I could go, and on, and on…

what are you coveting?


2 thoughts on “9 Covetables

  1. Now, all of these!

    I’ve been looking for a Sonneman, chrome eyeball lamp.
    I just don’t want to spend more than, say, $60?!
    I let one go on ebay for 45 and I’m still kicking myself.

    Have a nice weekend.

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