some shame and the terrible weekend

I don’t really remember the last blog I started that made it past 3 posts. Which is maybe why I’ve been hesitating on this post, but more likely it’s that this week has SUCKED and I really didn’t want to talk about it.

My mom came to town and was going to stay with us for 4 days. I love my mom, and we get along really well, and she loves Kevin and Kathy, and the whole things is all kinds of hunky dorey. We were having a lovely weekend full of fantastic dinners, and brunching with Kathy, window shopping and long chats. Here they are during Monday’s east end vintage shop scavenging with Mom and Kathy…. Don’t we look happy? This is shortly before our undoing (drama!) And then after dinner, Mom and I were settling down on the couch to watch ‘House’, and Kevin got a phone call and disappeared into the kitchen. The next thing I know I got a text from him asking me to join him in the kitchen, there was a problem. I had no idea what was coming, but I was really nervous, I thought maybe someone had died.

The upstairs neighbours had moved out over the weekend (we live in an old Victorian that’s been divided into apartments like a lot of Torontonians – we’re on the main floor, 2 gentlemen upstairs on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and someone in the basement) and called our landlord once they were packed to let him know that they thought they’d seen bedbugs.


There’s a serious stigma with having bedbugs, and I didn’t want to tell anyone, but it’s really awful going through this alone, so here it is. Toronto has a serious bedbug epidemic and I’ve been dreading this for years, having watched more than a few of my friends go through the enormous pain in the ass and psychological trauma that is having bedbugs. I was instantly exhausted. We packed mom up and sent her to a nearby b&b and got to work, bagging up ALL OUR CLOTHES AND TEXTILES and dismantling our apartment, pulling all the furniture away from the walls and removing all electrical plates.

Mom helping me bag up my clothes, what a relaxing vacation!

We luckily have a great landlord, and he arranged to have the guys come the next day and inspect/spray, which meant I had to spend the whole day with mom sitting in a deconstructed apartment waiting for them to show up, then boxing up my traumatized cats and heading over to Kathy’s house to wait 6 hours while they inspected and sprayed, and then come home and reassemble, and set to washing and drying all our things in scalding water/a hot dryer for an hour. So far, March is not looking like my favorite month. We have to live like this for 2 weeks, when we have to pack the cats up and do this ALL OVER AGAIN, the day before we are supposed to leave for a week for Kevin’s March break.

The bad news is they did in fact have bedbugs on the 3rd floor, a level 6 infestation that the guy said usually only goes unreported if the inhabitants have mental disorders (which I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, how did this go unnoticed?!), but thankfully found no traces in our apartment. Still, we have to go through all this as a precaution, and we’re lucky to have a landlord who jumped on the situation. And it totally sucks. Plus my mom looked so sad, like ‘oh my daughter is living in filth and there’s nothing I can do’, and I felt guilty for ruining her March break.

We only moved in to this home a year ago, and despite the fact that it has its challenges (the street noise and light pollution that comes with living on a major street can be difficult, the space is a little cramped for all our things, severe lack of storage, the kitchen especially is really tiny and we love to cook) it also has a lot of upsides (parking spot should we ever need one, central location, en suite washer and dryer, affordable price, working fireplace, hardwood floors, aforementioned great landlord…) and really, I don’t want to move. I’m not quite ready yet, we don’t have moving expense money, moving is exhausting… but that said, if anyone knows of a 2 bedroom up for rent in downtown Toronto in the coming months, please keep us in mind.



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