Ikea’s Gonna Getcha

I don’t know how they do it. Really – I don’t think I’ve ever gone in to IKEA and not come out surprised at my bill on the other side. Everything SEEMS to be so inexpensive, 99 cents here, 3 dollars there, and yet…

I went to the big blue&yellow last night with Kathy, for no other reason than her parents have gone on vacation, and left her with a car for a month, so we access to such suburban delights. This was a mistake. I didn’t NEED anything, per-say, and I also feel like a bit someone who works at a quality restaurant but lunches at Burger King, going to IKEA since I began working here. All this and we’re still in frugal february, a term Kev and I made up for ‘let’s try not to spend any money this month’, seeing as we blew way too much in January on train tickets during Via Rail’s 50% off sale for future travel plans (March Break: Montreal – my family, Easter: Ottawa – his family). Oh, and we also bought an 8-seater DINING TABLE at Filter I couldn’t resist, which we had no $ for and no room for either (it’s currently stored away in pieces in our apartment’s one closet, a horribly innfecient 9x2foot closed off stairwell, that contains everything we need to store, including all our clothes, coats and oh ya, a 8 seater DINING TABLE). So yes, I have no real cash to burn.

and yet…

would you pay 22$ for this?

we started with dinner. Everything looked so cheap, low prices slashed to lower prices, I figured dinner would be pocket change. But somehow, my tilapia and sparkling pear drink, and her meat balls and lingonberry cocktail still came out to 22$! 11$ ikea dinner does not a frugal february make.

and then, a new duvet cover, which was just a consellation prize because I can’t afford a new duvet proper, and I think our current duvet contains about 7 feathers, and has been Kevin’s since he moved to Toronto… in 1994. And over the last 2 weeks whilst house sitting for J&J and sleeping in this, which has RUINED ME FOR OTHER BEDS… I just needed something to make turning in to my hand-me-down frankenstein bed not quite as depressing. Not terribly cheap, but will work as a band-aid for the issue.

Then some glasses, 12, to replace the 19 beautiful vintage glasses Kev has broken since we moved in last March (including 7 that brother-in-law Andrew broke in one motion over New Years). Priced down from 7$x3 to 1.99$x3… that’s only 8$, right. Pennies! And Kevin’s going to break them anyway, so at least the price will spare me future heartache.

A pause in the carpet section, because in addition to their usual white sheepskin rugs, they had a super sweet and lovely grey lambskin rug, but at 70$, was DEFINETLY not in budget, especially since my intention was likely to chop it up into a cover for a little bent wood stool I recently acquired, which is currently sporting a pretty low-fi quick-fix upholstery job with a tea towel from bookhou, to cover it’s original red and green satin floral cover… shudder.

but of course, Kathy needs to stop on the way out and check out the AS IS section, where what do we find, but the floor model grey sheep skin rug, on sale for 9.90$! And, I… just can’t turn it down. Even if it just becomes a hangout pad for the cats, at 10$, I can’t pass it up. I took it home, gave it a shampoo in the tub to get rid of all the dust, and it’s hanging in my shower, waiting for its destiny.

I have no restraint.

add a package of faux linen tea towel, and all of a sudden we’re over the 75$ mark, and that’s not counting ‘dinner’, and before the requisite crab-in-a-tube and vanilla soft serve purchases on the way out. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?! I didn’t even need anything!

like I said, Ikea will getcha.


One thought on “Ikea’s Gonna Getcha

  1. I think you scored and showed REMARKABLE restraint to boot. I know how seductive IKEA can be, damn them. Also, thanks, now that I’ve read about the Koster bed I want it. Sigh.

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