30 Pictures Of Something Good

How many blogs will I begin and not follow through? Maybe starting with something visual is a low-stress way to begin, so here’s my take on the ’30 pictures of something good’, inspired by one of my favorite bloggers I’ve been following for years, Miss Sandra Juto.

01 / someone i spend a lot of time with:



02 / a picture of myself:


03 / a picture of someone in my family:

my little nephew Miles in Vancouver


04 / a picture of something that makes me happy:

Obi, my not so bright, but oh so sweet kitty


05 / an old picture of myself:

my grade 2 class picture… very little has changed.


06 / a picture of my sibling:

my brother Daniel in Montreal; we have few interests in common, but our personalities overlap in a big way.


07 / a picture i never posted on my blog before:

um, first post. this should probably be a n/a.


08 / a picture of a person i miss:

my dear friend Laura, whom I’ve known since we were 12.  we met on the first day of high school, and bonded over our mutual curly hair, blue eyes, similar sounding names and the fact that we both play flute… things deep and lasting friendships are built on. she very recently left Toronto to return home to Montreal, and I’m still figuring what to do with the big hole she’s leaving in my life.


09 / a relative of mine:

my brother in law Andrew in Ottawa. Kev’s younger brother is so much fun, and is basically the biggest softie i’ve ever met… we love when he comes to visit.


10 / a picture of my favourite place:

it was hard to find a photo of my favorite place, which i guess is my hometown of Montreal, but this shot sums it up pretty well. that’s me eating a big forkful of poutine in my favorite Montreal diner, Moe’s… it was taken 5 years ago, but it’s such a ubiquitous scene that it could be from any visit home.


11 / a person i can tell everything:

my best friend Kathy.


12 / a picture of my everyday life:

every morning I get up and go to work and have to leave my kitties behind, but they always say goodbye.


13 / a picture from a place i love:

local dive bar, tex mex restaurant and venue Sneaky Dees, where Kevin and I met back in 2005, and where we’ve seen countless bands and eaten countless king’s crown nachos since.


14 / a picture which reminds me of old times:

my friend Meredith and I, dressed up for our grade 7 history night play… she was Queen Elizabeth, i was Mata Hari.


15 / a picture of friends from my childhood:

i’m the further right, my oldest friend Caroline is 2nd from the right. i’ve known her since she was born, 2 weeks after me. Our mother’s met in lamaze class and we were neighbours until we moved away from home. she’s a big fashionista mucky muck  in New York these days.


16 / a picture of myself:

Kathy took this of me. I love it because my hair looks black, but it’s just the b&w.


17 / an unusual picture:

a snap shot of my living room (it’s unusually clean)


18 / a picture of my spare time:

i love to have friends over for food; this shot is of a lunch i put together for some of my ladies this past summer. entertaining combines some of my favorite things – friends, food and using my vintage dishes!


19 / a picture i’m satisfied with:

i love this shot of kev’s breakfast at a diner down the street called ‘the corner’ (though we call it ‘fine diner’, because it’s like a diner… but, you know, finer). this meal is totally disgusting – you’re looking at the breakfast burger, a burger topped with bacon, cheese and a fried egg and its served on A DONUT, with a side of fries. talk about a heart attack and a half. that being said, i had a bite and it was pretty good. just sooo decadent.


20 / a picture of the people who are closest to me:

i’m not a person who has a lot of close friends, just a big social network, a handful of friends and one or two really close friends at any given time. this is fine by me, because i don’t think i really know how to be a good friend to a lot of people at once. someone always feels left out, because i have a tendency to be really busy with my own things. i really don’t know how people do it.


21 / a person who’s always there for me:

Edo will feel left out if I only post a photo of Obi, so here’s my other cat. despite being Obi’s brother, he’s really smart, and kind of a pain in my ass. But I love him to death, of course.


22 / a picture from a time in life i miss:

this was taken when i went to visit Kevin in Japan, where he lived in 06/07. we borrowed this cow print cube van (which reads DANGER COW in Kanji on the side, in case you were wondering) and drove all over Japan, sleeping in the back on a futon and washing up in onsens when we would wake up feeling scrungy. Japan is magical, and I really hope to go back some day.


23 / a picture from last summer:

Kev and i record shopping with our friend David, a month before we were married.


24 / a picture that makes me happy:

Miles came to visit us during a terrible heat wave this past summer, and his curls are all damp with sweat in this photo. he’s such a fun kid, he was 4 and half here. I wish he lived closer.


25 / a person who always makes me happy:

there are few people who I have more in common with than Kathy.


26 / someone i’m always having fun with:

one of my best friends Nicole, in Montreal. we don’t see each other that much anymore, or speak regularly, but there was a time when we were like sisters. and every time we see each other, we’re right back in that place.


27 / a picture i always laugh about:

not that it’s been all that long, but i can already tell that this shot of kevin dropping the ring before putting it on my finger during our wedding will probably always bring a smile to my face.


28 / a crazy picture:

why is there a flower in my mouth? i don’t know anymore than you do.


29 / the latest picture of myself:

this was taken recently of my friend Spitz and I, out for a latte with Kevin and her brood;  Barclay, sullen teenager and new baby! she makes me think i can be a grown up anyway i want, even a cool rock and roll grown up, without being any less rock and any less grown up.


30 / someone i will never let go of:

no big surprises here – this guy is the best.


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